Bamboo Vinegar Detox Patch

by Meilee Anderson
(Seattle, WA)

I tried the bamboo vinegar detox patch.

I don't know why the box caught my eye, but it did. I remembered seeing the commercial on television and thought here's my chance to try husband was out of town and wouldn't scoff or make fun of me for trying them. It was a spontaneous purchase. I paid cash for the box of footpads and wondered if I had the word "sucker" on my forehead.

That night after dinner and the kids were put to bed I read the directions on the back of the box and followed them to the letter. The next morning I woke up and didn't feel any different.

I peeled the patches off my feet totally expecting them to be white thus confirming the fear I had indeed been ripped off. To my surprise the patches were a dingy black! Toxins, metals, who knows what those foot pads are pulling out but I'm on my third box now and have a much lighter color!

I don't know much about detox products but I have tried the Kinoki pads. I don't like the idea of toxins in my body. That can't be good for you!

As a result of trying these foot pads and thinking about toxins...I drink more filtered water than ever before and eat healthier.

I don't have any marked improvements. I haven't lost weight or been miraculously cured of anything. I don't notice any physical difference but mentally I feel better. It's weird to see the disgusting black looking pads go from dark to merely dingy gray.

My husband still thinks I'm weird for buying the detox foot patches but he doesn't argue with the disgusting evidence on the bamboo vinegar detox patch.


Thank you so much for sharing your personal story of trying the bamboo vinegar detox patches. I like to hear how people feel about the use of natural remedies.

I had to laugh when you described your impulse purchase and trying it when your hubby was
safely out of the house! :-) I can just picture you secretly experimenting in the dead of night.

I find the whole concept of the detox patches quite fascinating. I'm not particularly sold on them one way or the other. I've had different people share very positive results and others who were less than impressed, to put it kindly.

For myself, I tried the Verseo patches and really couldn't tell any major differences. Of course, I wasn't experiencing any ailments at the time, so I'm not sure what I was expecting to notice!

I am thoroughly convinced of the health benefits of organic apple cider vinegar for detoxing and for various skin conditions. I've had personal experience as well as the experiences of countless others to confirm that.

So it wasn't really a stretch for me to believe that perhaps these bamboo vinegar detox patches might be beneficial, too.

The fact that the pads are getting lighter for you seems to indicate that there is some change in your system. Of course, I've read reports that they turn the same yucky color just by adding water to them. I'm not going to pay to have my patches tested to see if there is any actual difference, so perhaps I'll never know for sure.

I think as long as people realize that they aren't likely to get some miraculous cure, as you put it, but that they may find some simple benefits (better sleep patterns, fewer aches and pains, etc.), that detox patches are cheap enough to give a try.

Personally, my number one detox and cleansing method is a cleanse of the digestive tract. I use Herbal Fiberblend regularly to flush out the bacteria, parasites, and toxic build up in my intestines.

I think cleansing from the inside out is the most realistic and effective option for detoxing and long term health.

Thanks again, Meilee, for telling us your personal experience with the Kinoki bamboo vinegar detox patches.

To your good health!

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Sep 07, 2012
Bamboo vinegar patch NEW
by: Anonymous

I try the BAMBOO Vinegar patch, and the result the next morning is darkish black, even the color is awfully looking but is still doesn't convince me. is hard to convince me to believe that much toxin in my body, unless there is a better prove to lead me believe

Jul 05, 2010
Just bought them last night
by: Caz

Mine just turn lightly brown, I decided to search the web to find out what the brown color meant now I found this article :

Its worth reading and doing some more research....

Jun 12, 2010
detox patch
by: brittany

I've also tried the detox patch and i have done it twice. I bought mine from a massage stand in the mall for about $15. When I first tried the patch, i didn't feel any different when I woke up but i did see the color change to a dark gray from white. The second time, i still felt the same but the color of the patch was lighter.

I honestly think that you have to use these patches over a long period of time to actually see less fatigue, more energy, and even better sleep. I suggest that if you want to see results like such that you should eat healthier and exercise along with a little detox.

I'm not saying that the patchese don't work, im just not sure if the patch changes color because of them being on your feet all night and its just a chemical reaction or if its really detoxifying your body

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