Barley Life Cured My Migraines!

by Warwick Armstrong
(Seaforth, NSW, Australia)

For decades I have suffered with regular migraines and have tried all sorts of remedies and therapies, to little effect.

Some few months ago I began taking Barley Life and haven't had a migraine since then! Only a sufferer can really understand how liberating that is.

Migraines tend to descend during times of stress which are exactly when you don't need them. I have also suffered from periods of mental confusion, probably part of the migraine cycle, but no more.

On top of this, I have a perfectly clear nose, and have avoided having a cold this winter for the first time in years.

Just a few weeks ago I added Aloe Gold to the recipe, mixing it with the Barley Life. I then noticed a further improvement in health, now needing an hour less sleep each night, waking up fresher than normal.

I better stop now before this sounds like a paid advertisement. But! I must also mention Herbal Fiberblend which, to say the least, really cleaned me out, assuredly playing a part in my path to real health.

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by: Richard

Hi, Warwick! This is Richard, from Spain. Remember me? I have your ozemail email, from 2000, and I am sure you changed it. Would you mind sending me the new one? I would love to get in contact with you!

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