Best Product To Use For Candida

by Kathy
(Toronto, Canada)

Which would be the best product to use for candida?

I have suffered with candida for many years now. I still cannot get rid of it in my body.

I have many digestive problems, fatigue, brain fog, etc. I had an electro-dermal screening test done and he said I still have candida in my body and this why I am having all these digestive problems.

He suggested to take olive leaf extract, or oil of oregano along with a probiotic and a list of certain foods to eat and not to eat.

Because the probiotic alone will not kill
off the yeast, you need an anti-fungal. Which is what the oil of oregano and olive leaf extract are.

There is something else called candida yeast support super pro-biotic. Which has both pro-biotic and pre-biotic.

I need to know which of these would be most helpful for my condition? I also heard that a product called Three-Lac is very effective?

Hi Kathy,

Pretty much everyone has candida in their body. It's a fungus that lives in our system and is kept in check (for the most part) by our friendly bacteria.

Unfortunately, the balance can be shifted due to an illness, weak immune system, antibiotics, birth control pill, etc., and then a yeast overgrowth occurs. Candida overgrowth is quite common, but some people who don't get it under control very quickly can suffer debilitating health concerns as a result.

It sounds like the doctor you've seen is giving you some pretty good advice on how to treat your Candida. Dietary changes are really important - particularly for the first couple of months until you get your body back in balance.

Here are more Candida Diet Guidelines that can help you if needed. Just remember, you won't have to be so strict forever, but you'll
recover much more quickly if you take your diet seriously.

To me, the best product to use for Candida is an herbal cleansing product called Herbal Fiberblend. In cases of severe candida overgrowth, like yours, I would suggest a minimum 3 month cleanse (using the HFB twice per day).

Oregano oil is anti-fungal and can be helpful, of course. However, since you have so many digestive issues I think you would find more benefit in a proper cleanse than in simply using the Oregano oil or olive leaf extract.

You definitely need the probiotics, too. These are needed to replenish the good bacteria in your body. There are a number of good probiotics and then there are some that aren't so good, too. I generally suggest Florafood, but as long as you are getting a good quality probiotic (guaranteed till expiration, not just guaranteed at date of manufacture) you should be fine.

When taking probiotics for this purpose, I usually take them 2-3 times per day. As your body starts to get back in balance, you can gradually reduce the amount to once per day and then only take them as needed thereafter.

Finally, a clinical nutritionist I've consulted also recommends that candida sufferers take BarleyLife twice daily. Barley Life is freshly juiced young barley grass that has been dried at low temperatures.

The nutritional benefit will support your immune system, boost your energy levels, and balance your pH.

Whatever you decide are the best products to use for Candida in your particular case, be sure to take something for internal cleansing, something for replenishing the good bacteria, and cut out the yeast feeding foods.

The more committed and faithful you are to the proper protocol, the more quickly and thoroughly your body will recover.

To your good health!

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