Bites but no bugs...

by Darralee
(American, but in Germany)

The mystery of the bites but no bugs...

So I have been getting bit over the past month. I have visible bites all over my body.

Last night I got 5 bites on my hand and 2 on my side. I was traveling from bathroom to bedroom when I noticed my hand was so badly itching and the bites had not been there when I went to bed.

I know, you may be thinking bed bugs BUT when I wake up and take a shower, I go down stairs and get ALL my clothes on, never returning to the bedroom and nothing coming out of there (everything is clean). I go to work and end up with 3 new bites on my tummy.

SO, then tonight I went to a fest in another town and noticed I had 2 new bites from today. One on the tip of my thumb and on my other hand.

I get them on my legs, torso, breast, arms, hands, and feet - never on my head or face. I have had a few on my rear end tho.

The thing about it is that my hubby and my son NEVER get bit just me. I'm going CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! I itch ALL the time. PLEASE help me! I'm at a loss!

Hi Darralee,

You're right. My first thought WAS bedbugs! :) It's very rare for one person to get bitten by bedbugs and another person in the same bed to be bite-free, though.

You may not be dealing with a bug bite at all. It could be a rash of some sort as a result
of coming into contact with something you are allergic to - a plant, a food, a chemical, etc.

As strange as it may sound, when you have an allergic reaction to some things, just by scratching in one area, you can "break out" elsewhere on the body because the toxin is in your system.

Can you think of anything new that you've tried recently that may have brought this on?

Of course, you certainly COULD have picked up a parasite internally by touching something contaminated with a bacteria/virus and then touching your mouth, nose, or eyes.

There could have even been a parasite in something you ate.

Discovering the source of your problem may prove difficult. I suppose what you really want is relief of the problem.

If I were in your situation and unsure of what was causing the itchy bumps or bites, this is what I'd do...

  1. Give everything a good clean. Change the bedding, towels, etc., and vacuum thoroughly to reduce the possibility of bedbugs or mites.

  2. Make a mixture of tea tree oil or raw apple cider vinegar and water and spray the house and beddings to kill and/or chase away possible parasites.

  3. Apply tea tree oil or raw apple cider vinegar to the itchy skin.

  4. Take some probiotics 2-3 times per day to boost the immune system and fight off internal parasites. I use Florafood.

  5. Take some anti-parasitic cleansing herbs to help eliminate possible toxins and parasites. I use Herbal Fiberblend.

Those are my best suggestions for you. I hope you get some relief soon.

To your good health!

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Dec 14, 2021
Bites and no bugs
by: Gwen

I am experiencing the same symptoms.
Two - three new bites daily. They swell, I have welts, there red,
Itch and burn. Two are now infected. saw a doctor in the
Urgent Care and he had know ideas. Prescribed an antibiotic
and told me to apply ice. Well, that hasn’t helped.
My husband sleeps n the same bed and know bites.
I’ve washed everything, vacuumed, purchased new pillows, linens, etc.
I will try the tea tree spray and probiotic.
Pray this helps.

Sep 27, 2021
Bites but no bugs…
by: Kari

I also have lots of bites and never see any bugs! Every day I have a few new ones and they itch for more than a week. Nothing seems to lessen the itch and I have literally tried everything.

Apr 03, 2021
Me too!!
by: Diana D

Angie, I am experiencing EXACTLY what you are. I’ve never seen a bug in my house (bedbug) I have sores/bites? from my chest to my mid calf. No one else in the house is getting bit at all.
I have done everything from vacuuming every day, washing every single thing in hot water and a hot dryer for 60 minutes. I literally get at least 2 new bites a day. I finally went to the doctor and she put me on prednisone and antibiotics. I don’t know what to do. With zero evidence of bugs, I’m left helpless and covered in sores and miserable.

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