Black Bugs

Black Bugs Only In Hair

only in my hair
neck area
very itchy
size of a needle width
1/16in long
ears itch
wash my hair, about 25 on towel
wash it again, about 25 on towel
move very slowly
kind of hard external, when squeezed
as with fleas you can hear a crack
sound, blood comes out

Usually when you think of bugs in the hair, you automatically think of lice. I'm assuming you've ruled out lice?

You might want to try covering your entire scalp and hair thoroughly with olive oil. Wrap it in a towel and leave it on overnight. Wash out the oil in the morning.

The oil should serve to suffocate the black bugs so that you can wash and comb them out.

It would be a good idea to repeat this procedure every 4 days for about 2 weeks just in case there are any eggs that may hatch. Since we don't know what this bug really is, we don't know the life cycle, so a treatment every few days should help you be sure you've got them all.

Hope that helps.
To your good health!

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