Black Dot Burrowed In The Skin

by Sarah D.

This morning I woke up to find my finger was really sore and in pain, and to find a little black dot burrowed in the skin of my left middle finger skin just over from the nail.

I went to pull down the skin from the nail and huge puss came out. I then tried to squeeze the black thing and it moved up and under my nail.

Now that this little black dot is gone it is not sore. And now its under my finger nail. Is this a parasite?

Hi Sarah,

It sounds like you possibly had an infection in your finger. The black dot burrowed in the skin may have been some form of splinter or foreign object that was festering and causing the pain and the accumulation of the puss.

Releasing the puss and the pressure was what eliminated the pain. I would cleanse the finger well with hydrogen peroxide or raw apple cider vinegar.

It's possible that the little black dot is a little parasite. I can't tell you for sure one way or the other. If it is merely a little piece of debris, it will probably just grow out with your nail.

If it's a parasite, you may end up with further discomfort. Just keep an eye on it and see if there are any changes.

To your good health!

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