Black Dots On Head

by Scully

Ever time I scratch my head, little black dots come off my head and into my nails.

I have scratched my head so much that I have cuts, and about every week I have to do the lice treatment because I am always finding something like a lice bug or an egg.

Any idea what the black dots are? Please try and help.

Hi Scully,

The black dots may be residue from whatever bug you are being attacked by in your hair, whether lice or something else.

The black dots could also be the result of broken hair follicles or even a fungal infection on the scalp.

If you are certain you are seeing lice or another bug, I would suggest you try the olive oil treatment. It's safe, simple, and usually effective without negative side effects.

You simply cover your entire scalp and hair with olive oil before going to bed (wrap it in a towel to avoid making a mess). Wash it out in the morning. Do this every 4 days for 2 weeks to have the best chance of smothering all lice and any eggs that hatch during their life cycle.

In between days, you may want to try rinsing your hair with organic apple cider vinegar (like Bragg's). This should help if the cause is fungal instead of lice.

I hope this helps and that you are able to get rid of the problem completely. I would NOT keep using the chemical lice treatments. They obviously are not working and you are only exposing yourself to more harmful chemicals.

To your good health!

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