Black Line In Skin Eruption

by Julie Heath
(Florida Gulf Coast)

I thought I had ingrown black hairs, but I'm blond. Trying to remove them, I realized they are not hair but maybe feces of bug?

Hi Julie,

Are you having any symptoms along with these black line skin eruptions? Does it itch? Is it painful?

Your description makes me think of the black vein in a cooked shrimp. That's the feces or waste of a shrimp, of course. ;) Is that what gave you the idea?

How many of these black line skin eruptions do you have?

Are you experiencing any other unusual symptoms in your body? Are you bowels functioning normally? Any tummy discomfort? Anything else you can think of?

If you have some type of internal parasites, you can give yourself a digestive parasite cleanse to help eliminate them.

It's hard to give you any further suggestions without more information.

To your good health!

Comments for Black Line In Skin Eruption

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Dec 28, 2016
Internal and External Treatment NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Mandy,
See my previous comments and suggestions as I think they would benefit you just as well.

Dec 28, 2016
Black lines in skin NEW
by: Mandy

I have the black lines all over my neck they will appear suddenly and won't wash off and I tried to grab them out but I can't, sometimes the skin will split like a paper cut around the line. My skin is also extremely oily and just irritated especially when i sweat. Sometimes they come under my finger nails or around the nail bed. I also have sores that seep with clear liquid. My doctor gave me a topical antibiotic but it keeps coming back, she is dismissive about the condition, they're not particularly itchy, though the pimple/ sores are itchy/ irritated but it doesn't seem to be as excessive as what scabies itch sounds like.

Jan 17, 2013
Black Line Parasites
by: Angie from

Hi Janet,

When I think of parasites that leave lines under the skin I usually think of scabies first. They do cause sores and severe itching and pain, but they usually aren't associated with black lines.

You aren't the first person to describe these black line parasites however, and we haven't determined a definitive cause yet. Those who have gone to doctors with the condition have mostly been summarily dismissed without getting any real help.

My suggestions to those dealing with this horrid condition is to treat inside AND outside for the best chance of getting rid of the problem in the shortest amount of time.

For outside treatment - soak daily in a bath with sea salt or epsom salts. Afterward, apply a mixture of organic coconut oil (or olive oil) and clove oil (or one or more of these other essential oils - lavender, tea tree, oregano, neem, etc).

For inside treatment - cleanse the inside and build up the immune system with the following supplements:

This is such a great combination of cleansing and building natural supplements that your body will have the best chance of fighting and healing.

It's what I've used myself with positive results and complete elimination.

Since you are in the US, you can order here.

Hope and pray you are completely well again soon!

Jan 17, 2013
Parasite Leaves A Black Line
by: Janet

I'm dealing with parasites just under the skin that leaves a black line. I have severe itching, stinging and stabbing pain. Please help.

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