Black Specks on Scalp

by Melissa
(Duarte, CA)

Black Specks on Scalp and Coming Out of My Pores

For about 9 months I have been seeing these black specks on my skin and in my scalp.

First, it started off in my hair. I kept pulling blacks specks out of my hair. Shortly after I would feel a sting everywhere on my body. I would jump if it was on my leg. When I would go to see what bit me all I seen was a black speck.

Thought we had mites cuz I seen these little bugs smaller than an ant crawling around outside on my patio. My husband sprayed. Didn't see them anymore but my problem continued. And got worse.

Finally got magnifying glass 10x's magnified. I could see these things coming out of pores. Everywhere; between fingers, palms of hands, between toes, everywhere.

They don't move. But when they are touched they either roll up into ball or slip back into pores.

Started noticing white worm looking thing coming out of pores. Not as much. Also same response when touched.

Also started noticing stuff, yellowish brown gunk, red thread looking thing laying on strands of hair. Also hair feels gritty, coarse, and extremely dry.

Recently there was blood in my urine and it hurt to urinate. I was waiting for husbands payday to go to Dr. It went away.

I hope someone knows what this is. I have become obsessed. Went to 3 dr's and no help.

Dear Melissa,

I can't tell you what you are dealing with exactly, but it sounds like a combination of parasitic infections - fungal, bacterial, worms, etc.

Here are some natural remedy suggestions that you may want to consider trying since the doctors have been no help to you.

I've said it before and I'll say
it again - internal cleansing is very important. Whether you use Herbal Fiberblend or some other good quality herbal digestive cleanse, you really should consider a thorough cleanse to remove parasites, toxins, old fecal matter, etc., that may be contributing to your condition.

Secondly, boost your immune system by cutting out the sugars and processed foods from your diet for a while and eating highly nutritious foods instead. Your body can only work with what you give it in the fight against ill health or parasites.

In your position, I would also supplement with whole food supplements and essential fatty acids, etc. My favorites are Barley Life and AIMega for that purpose.

You also need to increase the good/friendly bacteria in your body. You do this by taking probiotics. You should be able to find some locally, but Florafood is also a good choice for a reliable quality.

It sounds like you recently had a urinary tract infection (really burns when you urinate), and the probiotics are helpful in dealing with that condition to.

For external treatment of the black specks on scalp and skin, here are some good options:

  • soak in a bath with epsom salts
  • rinse head/scalp with water and sea salt
  • make a mixture of tea tree oil and lavender oil and use it as a topical application for the affected areas
  • use raw/organic apple cider vinegar to apply directly to the skin, in the bath, and/or even mix a tablespoon in a glass of water to drink (2-3 times per day)

Sure hope you are able to use some of these suggestions and get rid of your black specks on scalp and skin, the internal worms, and get your body healthy and strong again.

To your good health!

Comments for Black Specks on Scalp

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Jul 09, 2021
Fibers/worm/burrow/creating a protective barrier where you try removing
by: Yvette g

Morgellons Disease, I had this in 2015 . Everyone I told had the impression that I was going crazy. I felt something that felt like a bite when I was on a bus in las Vegas. It was itchy and I tried alot of topical skin creams home remedies antibiotics lotions . I started using chemicals on my skin hot water scrubs. I ran out of soaps and stuff to use and had no other option but the antibacterial hand soap at a camp site. As I rubbed it into my skin I could feel prickly spots and goose bumbs all over my body. And at every prickel spot was a black threat like fiber coming out of my skin. As I get into the water I can see these fibers washing down the drain. I have also read that antibacterial soap has helped other people. I still have no idea what this was. I had it for several months and I have fear of it coming back but it's been be almost 6 years. Try antibacterial soap

Mar 06, 2021
by: Brenda Haulcomb

I've got exactly the same thing, I'm scared it's killing me! Help!!!!@

Sep 06, 2020
Morgellons Ginger Savely’s book NEW
by: Shaz

Look this up and the Charles Holman Foundation for Morgellons

Jan 31, 2020
Tumeric - It was used as a Clothing Dye - NEW
by: JD Adams

I seem to have the almost the same symptioms, all over.

I have tried almost everything detailed herein, the problem continued.

Recently tried Turmeric and Grapeseed oil, as a poultice - head to toe. The black "spots" were removed, dead skin about sore became noticable, suspect eggs/spores are in the dead skin, the dead skin dried up quickly.

Before you try either Turmeric or Grapeseed oil, rub a bit of each on different forearms, and wait 24 hours to give an indication if you might have a adverse reaction to either.

BTW an excellent book on Herbs, is The Healing Power of Herb, by Murray - each herb listed therein has alot of reference material to peer review publications. Check the author - seems other books have the same title, but different author.

I also used it as a toothpaste, Grape Seed oil and Turmeric. Also used a Q-Tip to put this poultice into my ears and nose.

Grape Seed oil is a light oil that allegedly will penatrate the skin more so than other oils, it also allegedly has a light odor than other edible carrier oils.

I previously taken Turmeric Capsules, and will continue to do so for awhile.

Turmeric is available on your Grocery Shelf on the Spice an Herb Rack/Section in powder form, not capsules.

BEWARE - Turmeric was used as a Dye - it will stain your skin for a period of time, it will wear off. It will dye your hair, seems to come off with shampoo, but there was so much prior carrier oil in my hair this might of prevented the turmeric from going to deep into the hair.

Turmeric Will stain, carpet, clothes, plastic, etc a bright orange or gold color.

After application and waiting for say 30 mintues take a cold/cool show, the majority of the Turmeric that was going to fall off did so to prevent staining of carpet, and clothes - suggest one wears black or very dark clothes - the staining will not be that visible then.

One might try Turmeric Oil, it has a faint yellow/orange color - I have NOT tried the oil, it might make a difference, but a possible alternative if a bright orange color skin for a period of time would be a hardship.

I will start the Fiberblend also shortly.

Jan 30, 2020
please help
by: jessica of wv

im not sure how to explain what is going on but for starters my scalp feels like worms is crawling all inside it like a invisible worms in my hair i can feel my hair is raised and moving and feel it between my fingers and this crunching noise when i try to pull it out but nothing other than this like fabric like things an sticky black an brown things falls out when i brush my hair, when i brush my teeth these white lesions are in it and my urine and my fingers an toes look like they are peeling but i can pull out white like worms and can see dancing hairs everywhere, i have searched and searched for answers and nothing im going crazy and feel like im dieing ive lost alot of wheight like from 180 to 95 pounds in 5 months my hair is almost completely fallen out and my teeth constantly hurt and im only 24 years old can anyone please help me

Jun 13, 2018
Internal Cleanse for Mold Spores, etc NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Lala,
Glad to hear you are making progress in overcoming this condition. What are you doing to cleanse internally? I would suggest the whole family gets on the Herbal Fiberblend for several months for a good anti-parasitic and anti-fungal cleanse. Also, take daily probiotics, like Florafood, to build up the good bacteria in your systems. Wishing you all the best success and healing.

Jun 13, 2018
Been Suffering TO NEW
by: Lala

I have the same as you. It first started at my old house. I do believe its caused from toxic mold syndrome. lOOK UP mold spores. Anyhow since then My family and I have moved. My car was so infested. I had to buy a brand new vehicle luckily they let me trade out the old one. I had to throw out all my old furniture, clothes, electronics, you name it. Thank the man up above I was able to get a job that works with me and my condition. Getting my life back. I believe its in myself as well as husband and kids bloodstream. So were slowly bringing it into new life. Havent found a cure but peroxide and vinegar an Castile Soap seem to help keep them at bay. My limbs,bones and muscles hurt so bad I feel this whatever it is is crippling me.

Mar 12, 2018
Morgellons? NEW
by: concerned citizen

Your symptoms are similar to a Morgellons infection! I hope you resolved whatever it was.
Best of luck

Dec 10, 2016
Black specks NEW
by: Lynn

I have black specks comming out of my skin white granules small white things and big white things that are comming out of my skin pores. They bite crawl and sting

Sep 20, 2016
Please contact me!! NEW
by: Jaime

Omg!!! I read your post just now. It was word for word as to what I have been experiencing!! I will go back to read the comments ...but please tell me u found a cure!!!

Aug 01, 2014
Body lice on head? NEW
by: Jo

Once I met someone who infected me with body lice on my head, yes, there were black specks.
They can live on the hairy parts of your head and if the hair is fine and skin gets dry it acts as fabric, a place for them to live.
It sucks but with care it can be gotten rid of.
Shave your head or keep head moisturized with. Virginia coconut oil and theatre oil mix.
Then when showering use a scratchy glove to gently massage your dry scalp/beard armpits. And u can use a moisturizing exfoliating soap to scrub those parts to.
Good luck!

Nov 10, 2013
Standing Up For Yourself NEW
by: Angie from

Dear "homeless"

Thank you for your encouraging words to Deneen and others and for sharing your own personal story. You are so right about thinking for yourself and standing up for yourself.

I'm so glad to hear that you have refused the anti-psychotic drugs and are determined to find a real solution to the problem that is plaguing you.

Unfortunately, most doctors are not educated in the area of achieving good health. They study disease and "medicine" and if they don't recognize a particular problem they start labeling people as delusional and put them on anti-depressants or anti-psychotics, which generally only makes people worse.

The body is an amazing creation and more often than not, if you give your body the right resources it will sort itself out by fighting off what is attacking your system and restoring your good health.

Whether what you, Deneen, Shirlene, Melissa, and others are experiencing is Piedra or some other form of fungal/parasitic infection, the basic principles of cleansing the body internally and boosting the immune system are the same.

If you can clean out your system of the toxins and fungal overgrowth and provide enough good bacteria and nutritional support by way of essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, your body will almost always return to balance and your underlying problem is resolved.

As I encouraged Melissa in the first post, cleanse and build using the following...

I realize that your current financial situation may make this protocol a real challenge, but if there is any way you can manage it, I do believe you'll get the best results.

You may also find some comfort in knowing that when you order these from AIM here, you get the lowest wholesale price AND they provide a money back guarantee.

One last bit of encouragement for you or those who come to this page in future. If you are really finding the whole battle extremely stressful, try to get some Composure, too. It's a NATURAL herbal combo that relaxes the body and mind to help you sleep and reduce your anxiety. It's also available through AIM.

I dearly wish I could simply buy up a truckload of these nutritional supplements and send them to each one of you who need them so that you could recover your health. My husband and I both use them and love them and sincerely desire to help others achieve the same good results.

Angie from

Nov 10, 2013
You are not crazy!! NEW
by: Anonymous


You are not crazy!! The doctors are trying to do the same thing to me as they are you - lock me up and throw away the key. Don't let them do this to you!

My story:
My entire life I have been parasite free - until now. I recently lost my home. I had to live in a tent city. Prior to moving to tent city, I was a neat and clean person with NO parasites.

Approximately two weeks later I had a full blown case of what the doctors said were "scabies". My scalp felt like things were crawling all over it. My body had parts that felt the same way. I tried everything they said to do - the "scabies" would not go away.

A doctor at the low-income clinic said they evidence I took to him showed him I had what he thought were scabies. So he referred me to a dermatologist for further examination.

I also to a community clinic, where the female doctor who treated me said she has been around the world, and that my condition was not scabies, but rather a fungal infection. She wanted me to go back to my family practitioner - being homeless and not having medical insurance I did not have one.

NOTE: Do not change doctors during this process many times or doctors will treat you as a mental patient rather than a medical patient, as I found out the hard way.

I went to two different dermatologists including a dermatologist who supposedly was "an expert" with parasites - both said I was crazy and had Delusional Parasitosis ( The bug expert even went so far as to want to immediately put me on antipsychotic medication. Needless to say, I did not listen to that nut job.

To date, I still have things crawling on the back of my neck and head (it’s kind of a tingling and moving sensation). I just shaved a portion of my head and in the sink are those little black specs you speak of. I picked them up with tape.

I believe you Deneen. Now you have to believe in yourself. Stand up for yourself. The poster above me has probably provided us with the real answer.
I’m headed back to my doctors to do battle again. I know I too am a sane person. I also know that I did not have this problem until I went homeless.
Do not allow the doctors to use the excuse that, “oh well you were under extreme stress during this time, “ hence they want to give you medication for a mental condition.
DON’T LET THEM DO IT! You know who and what you are – make them fix the real problem – a medical condition.

Jul 18, 2013
Black specks NEW
by: Shirlene


Jun 08, 2013
Whit worm with little pointed nose and blk specks are the end of worm sticking out of the skin mine is internal and externaly NEW
by: Deneen MacDonald

Hi I live in Flemington nj and have been miss diagnoised like crazy and because of others who don't believe in this they have made this even harder for me and I have been put into a mental place over something you can see.but just because of lack of knowledge by these doctors I have been getting so bad all my bones and muscles are in severe pain and I'm not well to begin with this worm is on me down there and other internal places my tongue is all yellowtail hair and skin feels sticky and a gritty feeling all the time.its on every item I own in my car others have this and I have to stay in a motel room just to try and stay away from them. I get lines all over my body it tickles me then pinches me when it goes into my skin and if i don't get the help I need soon I will die from this .you have the same type of thing please call me its hard for me to write. At 908 246 3556 that's my cell if you can I would love to see if this is the same thing that I have please don't hesitate to call me ok I hope I hear from you soon I live in Flemington nj thank you signed before its toolset for me I'm really bad. Deneen

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