Black Specks On Skin

by Marian
(Vicksburg, MS USA)

What are black specks on skin?

My husband for the past week has had 3 episodes of black specks on his ear, behind his ear, and on both sides of his face.

You can brush them off or use a washrag to remove them.

Took him to the ER and they did not know what it was and said it was not coming out of his skin and that he must be getting into something.

His blood work was fine. EKG fine and he is on a lot of meds. Can you please tell me what it could possibly's a mystery to us!

PS: It does not itch.

Hi Marian,

There have been quite a number of people complaining of very similar black specks on skin over the last year. It's really remarkable.

If you'd like to read their posts, just use the search feature in the upper right corner of this page and type in "black specks."

Interestingly enough, your husband seems to be having a very minor problem compared to others who are finding the experience both painful and difficult to remove.

There's a good chance that you are dealing with something entirely different. Who knows?

A few thoughts came to mind when I read your post. The first is that you mentioned that your husband is on a lot of meds.

Prescription medications in many cases tend to weaken the immune system overall, which may lead to a fungal overgrowth in the system. This is particularly true when you are dealing with antibiotics and such.

These specks may be a manifestation of too much candida albicans in the body. It would be good to boost the amount of good/friendly bacteria in his body with the use of probiotic supplements to help bring the body back in balance.

A second thought I had was wondering if you have any pets. If so, consider whether or not this may be something coming from one of the pets.

Another visitor recently discovered that his condition was definitely caused by his pet. Once he removed the pet from the home, he cleared up. It's a hard call, but if your health is at stake, it may become necessary.

Finally, if you are still unable to determine the cause but are concerned about the health implications, consider a digestive cleanse and nutritional support.

My fall back position is always to support the body's own immune system by natural cleansing and building and pray that the body will do what it is designed to do - heal on its own.


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Dec 10, 2016
Black Specks on Skin NEW
by: michelle

Does it have to be real vanilla or imitation vanilla?

Aug 28, 2016
Candida and Mites
by: Angie from

Hi Sunnie,
I'm sorry you have been having such a discouraging time of it. Sometimes scars can heal to be a lot less visible, so don't give up. For the scarring, try applying Vitamin E oil daily or some organic cold pressed coconut oil. It's not an overnight fix, but over time the scars can become much better in appearance as the skin regenerates.

As for the underlying problem you are dealing with. I can't encourage you strong enough to try the natural parasite cleansing protocol as it will not only help eliminate the problem with the parasites and candida overgrowth but boost your immune system in the process and help your body recover from all of the trauma.


Aug 27, 2016
Denis you are very welcome
by: Jesse Mitchell

I was becoming so depressed and insecure and I know my boyfriend although he never said as much I'm certain he thought I'd lost my mind and he was right at least I came very close. If you have a residual spot eat and rub mashed papaya seeds in the seeds for your skin put the pure vanilla extract.

Aug 26, 2016
Have Candida, and 2 types of mites!
by: Sunnie

I already know I have Candida albicans, and then became homeless living in a van, infested with mites! My facial skin is ruined from internal parasites and now external parasites!..I was a pretty girl, and now aweful and ugly face!..I've spent hundreds of dollars on eradicating both to no avail! Doctors say only "pesticides" kill mites, naturopath say only essential oils!..will the burrowing scars go away? I ever going to get rid of candida with antifungal tablets, from doctor!! Double trouble!

Oct 18, 2015
Black specks
by: Dennis

I was also was finding black specks on my face, and chest. After looking for a medical problem i read a post about dry rot from head phones. Sure enough that was it , what a relive be careful as the debris can also get inside your ears.

Aug 28, 2015
vanilla extract to kill parasites
by: Jesse Mitchell

You want to get pure vanilla extract. But Katy Bar The Door!!!
Listen to this. I met a lady who was showing her friend some mouthwash she said she made to regrow tooth enamel. Okay I looked at her said alright Dr Bombay tell me something then. Pointed at my face and ask what the F_ _ k is this eating my face she said Scabies. Okay I had thought a year ago thats what it was im still not real sure. She pointed at spots on her legs her chest and she said let me tell you how to kill it. Papaya seeds!!!
Get a Papaya take the seeds out mash them it takes a small amout rub them and the juice from the mashes seeds all over the spots they parasites reside and it will burn almost like blk pepper in a cut but it will kill them and i mean from the first application they start to die. Dont pick at it. take toilet tissue not paper towels use toilet tissue and rub you will see of course some paper wads but along with them will be the white crap under the skin that i believe are the parasites and eggs come out. I put the smashed seeds on let it dry then carefully wipe away the seeds thet are rough and sharp ar times so be easy. Once the seeds are off I would wipe vigerously up down sideways dampen and fold the paper to keep it grabbing onto the bugs and youll see the skin smooth back out not be mounds of debris swollen looking. Do this three times a day at least. And yes I still put vanilla on it usually first thing in the morning to cleanse my face before the papaya seeds and rub down. Whatever it is it is gone in two weeks. I may have a little dryskin maybe one tiny spot there could be a bug but im going to get that bastard out in a min. You will see they will move and kinda pile up in the direction you wipe in so go one way then the opposite way down up side to side until you wipe one day and there is nothing there. I thank God for sending that lady to tell me this. Read about Papaya its an "anti vermin' i found it smelly maybe i got over ripe ones but the seeds worked I would also eat a handful of seeds a day saw some nasty stuff it removed from my intestines as well. Im feeling so much better my face is healed and only thing I am slacking on is I need to drink water and nothing but water to wash away whatever toxins are left in my body from these bugs.

Aug 26, 2015
black specs
by: z33

What kind of vanilla extract should I get Please help

Jul 25, 2015
I have had something horrible living in the skin on my face
by: Jesse Mitchell

This started as a small sore in middle of my chin that was not like anything id ever had before. I am a hairdresser and assumed it to be a human hair sliver buried in my skin. It spread and I realized it was some living thing and it was not planning to be evicted any time soon. Over a year now and I am mentally distraught tired and depressed but im still fighting this Awful trash. Ive had white debris that will explode out of these spots not like a zit but look as if they are jumping to get away. Ive seen mushy white strings of this crap in circular patterns. Ive had blk specs. It will come ti the surface at certain times will pick out easily at certain times and bite me like hell if I put anything in it to kill it. Ive used sulfer iodine alcohol coconut oil dog dip. But last night during one of my hours long daily picking regimes I decided to remove the equine sulfer which by the way they have immunity to. It draws them out for air and you can pick em it does not I repeat will absolutely not kill these things. Wiped it off. Made a milk vitamin e oil and VANILLA EXTRACT solution dabbed it on. It stung for two seconds maybe three but it was a relieving sting if that makes sense because it instantly became mintlike cool then no feeling. One spot itched so I got angry and vigorously wiped the paper towel across my face and I saw thousands if not millions of the tiny white bits coming out of my skin like lemmings jumping off a cliff. Then huge buried hunks that id been digging and pulling on trying to remove to the point of tears from pain if I left them and pain if I bit the bullet and dig in after that thing. I did this mixture once my face feels better i put some on and slept. Woke up without the heaping mounds of debris under my skin that I had to dig off before I could go in public. I believe this is a parasite. Its symptoms are Morgelons symptoms and may even be a strand of the Morgelons disease. People boil your water. Only eat food you prepare and know is organic and educate yourselves. Just because this may be a living parasite does not mean that our government didnt create this and if you think im nuts I will tell you after this ordeal im not only freaked out im probably psychotic. Ive gotten angry and get violent if provoked mostly from the pain and mental toll this has taken on me. It has affected every aspect of my life and were I not a Christian id probably have drank some Jones Juice and taken a dirt nap. Ive suffered mostly in silence. People who I love dont know whats happened to me. They think im not living right dont take care of myself. I can only pray they never do know what ive been through. A handful of people I would gift wrap this stuff and give to them on their bday. That's the anger thing see. Prob need to sit somewhere cool and peaceful maybe Colorado for a year to rebuild my strength physical and mental health. Im not done yet but I found what kills it. Key is stay after it necause if allowed to run a couple life cycles it will become resistant to my solution as well. God be with all of is and get that vanilla extract. You can send me on a trip ro colorado or perhaps come along im a gorgeous tenacious single lady from Dallas

Feb 05, 2014
What To Do About Tiny Black Specks In Skin, etc
by: Angie from

Dear Kathy F,

Please let me encourage you to get the AIM Daily Essentials pack and use it faithfully for a few months. I feel quite confident that you will find genuine improvement. If you turn out to be one of the very few who don't get positive results, you can get a refund.


Feb 04, 2014
What I have started with little tony specks.
by: Kathy F

I've been to the emergency room 3 times. They thought I was a meth head! I've never even seen meth let alone use it! I someone ever figures out what we have, I plan on suing! Anyway, I've had this for over 2 yrs. I now have it everywhere including my mouth & nose, ears, top of head ....everywhere!!! These little creatures lay eggs about once a month and when they hatch, look out!!! Then I get sores everywhere they've landed. God, I hate this!!!

Jan 14, 2014
Relief at last!!!
by: Sean

To the person who said to try vanilla extract, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been fighting this sickness for several years now. I applied the pure vanilla extract to my face and scalp about 30 minutes ago and rubbed vigeriously. I almost instantly saw hundreads of white and black threads come to the surface of my skin, and easily wiped them away. I am a nurse and have not found any triditional or holistic cures for this untill now. You have changed my life and given me hope of once again feeling normal. Thank You!!!

Feb 16, 2012
Black specks on skin
by: Mauren

I don't know if this will help anyone but if it helps one person then I will feel great! I have suffered for years trying to figure out what those black specks on my skin where. After spending thousands of dollars to find a remedy this is what I found.They are fungus gnats.They breed/live in the soil.You track them in your house on your skin, shoes,and pets.Through trial and error and alot of research this is what will get them off of your skin - vanilla extract. They get into everything-carpet, clothes furniture ect.Clean,vacuum and mop your floors.Apply the vanilla on your skin.My conclusion is they feed off of your sloughed off skin cells.Their main goal in life is to feed off dead grass/matter in your soil and when that environment changes to you oh my goodness! You feel them on your skin and scalp.They are so tiny that half of them you can't even see with the naked eye.Once you apply the vanilla to your skin rub vigorously. During their 7-10 day life span they can lay up to 200 eggs.Their life cycle (egg to adult)may be completed in three to four weeks.Diligence is key. If this brings you relief then my suffering was not in vain.

Feb 11, 2012
Could it be mold?
by: Angie

Yes, mold is definitely a problem that can be very harmful to the body and create all kinds of problems.

I was recently speaking to someone about a woman who was having severe migraines and eventually discovered that she had a huge amount of mold caked in her nasal cavity.

The doctor cleaned out the mold and the headaches were relieved.

Most of us would be more familiar with the terms yeast infections, fungal infection, or candida.

Candida is a fungus that naturally grows in the body, but if it is not kept in balance by the good bacteria in our bodies, it can become an overgrowth and create all kinds of unpleasant symptoms - including acne.

Oregano oil is a good anti-fungal, so it may help. You should also rinse your face and hair with sea salt in water, before applying the oregano oil.

I would strongly suggest an internal cleanse. It sounds like your body needs a good clean out which should help clear up your skin condition as well as get rid of these new creepy crawly sensations.

If you follow the recommendations for a candida cure you'll almost certainly see good results. It's a very good protocol for fungal overgrowth as well as a natural parasite and digestive cleanse.

Feb 11, 2012
Odd black specs...question could it be mold..?!
by: Anonymous

Recently I had developed these same black specs on/under my skin, other crazy symptoms developed but most subsided as stress was reduced. However, the crazy feeling of bugs all over my scalp, my nose, eyes, ears and relentless stinging and itching! I have very bad acne as well. Recently noticed what looks like mold growth along sides of nose. I just started using sesame oil as I hear it is good for acne also started oregano tablets in desperation to get healthy again!

Sep 13, 2011
Source of Black Specks
by: Angie


You've made my day!! :) So glad to hear that there was a simple explanation for your husband's black specks. That sounds just like something we would do, so don't be embarrassed at all.

Praise the Lord that the mystery is solved it was nothing to be concerned about.

Thanks so much for letting us know!

Sep 13, 2011
Black Specks On Skin
by: Marian

Well, my husbands mystery has been solved. I feel so embarrassed about it but also relieved. I had found an old pair of ear muffs with receiver in the closet and the pads around the muffs had dry rotted and when he would put them on it would leave the black specks. It's used to listen to the TV instead of having it up so loud. Glad it has been resolved and thanks for your concern in this matter. At least he does not have something else wrong with him like parasites.

Sep 13, 2011
Black specs in hair and on skin
by: Danielle

To all those people that have black specs and fibers like coming out of pores (blue or red)and hair, I can tell you that you have "Morgellons Disease"...

It is real and now being recognized in the USA.

It is a combination of Parasite/Fungus/Bacteria in the blood. The researchers don't know where it comes from but think it could be a mutation of "Lyme Disease" since all Morgellon's sufferers test positive for Lyme (the Lyme test in useless in Canada). There is no cure yet. It will drive you crazy at time, specially a week or so before a full moon. It is when parasites lay their eggs.

Please look it up.
There is a "Morgellon's Research Foundation" in the Kootnays, Canada.

Thank you and good luck. You will need it.

Danielle, BC, Canada

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