Black Spot Under The Skin

by Mari Thompson

My daughter has a black spot under the skin on her lower shoulder chest area which seems like a small raised nodule with a black area.

She feels like it's burning sometimes. This is the second time it has appeared in the same spot! It hurts when I squeeze it but nothing comes out. It feels like there's a little stick or something hard there, but not like a blackhead.

Does anybody have a clue what this can be?

Hi Mari,

Hmmm. I don't know what it could be myself. It may not be a good idea to squeeze it though, particularly if you tried it without success already.

How large is this black spot under the skin? Is it really small like the size of a blackhead or much larger? Does it seem to grow in size?

Is the area around the black spot inflamed or reddish looking like it is infected?

It's possible that your daughter did get some type of little black splinter under the skin and it festers on and off. Or it could be some type of bite from a spider or insect.

I would suggest you try a drawing salve to see if it will draw out whatever it is. If you don't have a drawing salve handy, you can try using a black tea bag. Just wet the bag and place it over the black spot under the skin and tape it down with a bandage, etc., for a few hours or overnight.

I hope that helps. If anyone else has any suggestions or thoughts, please use the comment link below so Mari will see your response.


Comments for Black Spot Under The Skin

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Jun 06, 2020
by: Gayle

I have 2 black spots under the skin 1 looks inflamed tried to squeeze it out but nothing I’m 70 yrs old

Oct 12, 2018
Tiny sliver NEW
by: Del

I have had those tiny slivers. It hurts when you touch them like it would if you had s thorn or a splinter of glass there. It only stops hurting when you can get it out either whole or in segments. Like with a thorn or a splinter of glass it won’t heal until you get it out.
I have scabies and while battling to get rid of them I noticed this many times. It seems as if when the mite enters under the first layer of skin or comes out it leaves this splinter or sliver. They seem to be black and hard but very tiny like half a millimeter.

Mar 29, 2011
StickTight Fleas
by: Anonymous

sticktight fleas! And they hurt like hell. Feels like a jagged piece of glass peircing the skin!

Mar 16, 2011
Same thing here...
by: Liv

I just managed to squeeze out #5. After I've had what I thought was a really big pimple at some point in time, the area it was in appears to bruise, and a black spot forms. Gliding my finger over it reveals that the black spot is a solid object under the skin and is responsible for the bruise like discoloration.

After about a month of having it and gently pressing down the skin around it during hot showers, the object works its way toward the surface of the skin. It's uncomfortable to touch, especially at certain angles and stings more than actually hurts.

Armed with a sterilized needle, surgical gloves, Qtips and a bandaid with ointment nearby, I tapped the needle into the center of the "head" and rotated it around a bit to stretch the opening. Then I just pressed gently around the perimeter of the object to work it the rest of the way to the surface of the skin. At first, some pus and blood came out, which I cleared away with Qtips, and after a good 15 minutes of working the object, it emerged.

It didn't really bleed much, and afterwards, I applied Neosporin and a bandaid to the area to aid in healing. In my experience with these little comedones (they're made of dark coloured keratin under the skin), they leave very small scars, and the bruising/discoloration disappears immediately once the object is removed.

They're really nothing to be concerned with, though they are annoying and can be unsightly. A dermatologist may be able to give you a better idea as to why they're occuring.

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