Body Rash

by Dawn

This body rash started 3 months ago. I have been to two different dermatologists, and both put me on steroids and, of course, creams.

I have had two skin biopsies done. They said it looks like it could be dermatitis, but did not say what type.

I have not changed my diet or soaps or anything. This rash is so itchy and feels like something is crawling under my skin.

I have it on the back of my thighs, the front, my back and my shoulders.

Can some one help me?!!!!

Hi Dawn,

I'm terribly sorry to hear of your distress and itching. I know exactly how awful a body rash can be from personal experience.

I've scratched myself till I bled on more than one occasion.

Rashes are funny things. It can be very difficult to pinpoint the actual cause in some cases. Fortunately, I was aware of what was causing me the rash each time I had it, so I was able to "ride it out" and avoid further contact with the offending agent.

When you have no idea what is causing the body rash, it makes the whole experience that much more devastatingly frustrating and debilitating.

Apart from the steroids and creams, have you tried anything else on your skin? You may want to try RAW organic apple cider vinegar. Use a good local brand or get some Bragg's from Puritan's Pride.

You can apply the ACV straight if it doesn't burn your irritated skin. Try a small area first to see if it is tolerable. I can stand it, but some people can't.

If your skin is too raw and you can't take
the sting of the straight apple cider vinegar, pour a cup or two in your bath water and have a nice soak.

The other topical recommendation for you to consider is Aloe. The best form is straight from the plant if you or a friend happens to have one. Just slice open the stem and apply the gel directly to the rash.

If you can't get your hands on a live plant, the next best thing is to buy some Aloe Vera gel (at least 99%). You should be able to get the Aloe Vera gel at Puritan's Pride too.

Now, trying to deal with the underlying cause is another matter. Rashes can sometimes be a symptom of an overload of toxins in the body, whether from parasites or some other build up.

When your organs (particularly the liver) can't eliminate the toxins quickly enough, they start sending the excess toxic matter to the skin to deal with - hence the rash.

There are several things I recommend for internal cleansing of the intestines and the liver and for building up the immune system. Here are my best suggestions:

  • Herbal Fiberblend - to help cleanse the colon of toxins and parasites.

  • Garden Trio - to help cleanse the liver of toxins and strengthen the immune system.

  • Florafood - probiotics to build up the good bacteria in your system and strengthen the body to fight the cause of the body rash.

I hope these suggestions give you the help you are seeking so that you can get rid off not only the nasty itchy, crawling symptoms, but also the underlying root cause.

To your good health!

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