Bug Bites

by Christina
(Fort McMurray, Ab. Canada)

We have a bug bites, but we don't know what it is...

I went home to visit my sister and my nephew for 10 days, and when I was there I slept on her couch.

While I was there, her and her son were itching all over. We went to the doctors, and he told her it was skin allergies and to change her laundry detergent. So we went back to her house and washed everything in a new laundry soap. This did not help them.

I came back home and two days later I was scratching. Whatever they had now my husband and I have it.

We have red bug bites all over our body and can feel them crawling on our skin and in our hair, but can't see them.

We have been Nixing ourselves, using scabies cream, tea tree oil, and boiling our clothes in 160 boiling water. We still have them.

Doing treatments and doing laundry every day is driving us nuts. We have had this for 4 months now and can't get rid of them.

Please help to tell us what these are so we can treat ourselves and finally be done.

Tired of fighting

Hi Christina,

Well, it certainly doesn't sound like skin allergies, does it? The bug bites don't sound like scabies either.

If it weren't winter, I would guess that you might be dealing with something like sand flies or a similar annoying pest.

Have you considered the possibility of bed bugs? You could have brought some home with you in your belongings. I'm skeptical that bed bugs is the culprit because you
probably would have started getting the bites while still at your sister's place.

Also, bedbugs are visible if you look very carefully around your mattress and bedding.

I wish I could positively identify this bug bite for you, but I really don't know what it might be.

What I can recommend is that you make your body as inhabitable as possible for whatever parasite is plaguing you.

You can do this by cleansing your body internally with anti-parasitic herbs and boosting your immune system. This is what I would do if I were in your shoes:

  • Take Herbal Fiberblend for cleansing - use twice per day for a couple of months.

  • Take Florafood probiotics to increase the good bacteria in your body so that your body is better equipped to fight. Use at least twice per day (with food).

  • Take Bear Paw Garlic as a natural anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. Parasites don't like garlic and Bear Paw Garlic is one of the best forms of garlic you can get.

  • Put a tsp. of raw organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it at least once per day. You can also add some ACV to your bath water to help soothe and heal your skin and discourage the parasites.

Four months is a long time to suffer from bug bites without relief. I can't guarantee that this will do the job for you, but I'm pretty confident it will. It's what I'd do myself. Apart from the ACV, the other supplements have a money back guarantee, so it's certainly worth trying.

To your good health!

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Jun 03, 2011
Thank goodness someone out there doesn't think we're crazy!!!
by: Anonymous

Every ER my guy and I have gone to treats us like meth users cause of the scabs on our arms and they tell us it's all in our heads and that there are no worms in us or in our skin, etc., they make us feel horrible!!!! At least it's acknowledged by you and some other folks I've read on the web, that this does and can exist and can happen in America. All the docs keep saying, "this doesn't happen in America, only in 3rd world countries..." arrggggggg...One doctor did have me do a "stool" sample and I cannot wait to find out the results!! We have no idea how or where we got these creepy things, but 'we' are the only people who believe it's happening...it looks like (under one of my sores, if I'm bad and pick the scab) like a tiny tiny worm shaped like a horseshoe??? Larvae, ??? little worm...I don't know???? Do you?? It's not always if I pick a sore though, I just looked at my upper arm one day and I could see the little creep under my skin, not very deep, so of course I picked it out of me w/hardly any effort or self mutilation ;) and there 'it' was a little teeny weeny pink horseshoe shaped, what I call, worm...who knows, I never thought I'd see such a thing until it happened to me. My guy and I compare this to be abducted by aliens, no one believes us, but "WE" know it/it's happening....no abduction here, just a comparison :)) Thanks for letting me share, it feels good to be able to talk about it and not have everyone think I'm "cooo-koooo." I'm so tired of hiding my arms and legs in June weather in Michigan, but everyone treats and looks at me like I'm a 'junkie.' We both have also lost a ton of weight, so we look really bad too, so I guess I can understand why folks would think that of us, but it still hurts and is most embarassing and to be quite honest, very frightening, actually. creepy-crawly-and so sick of it...in Michigan!!!!!!! Thanks again!!!

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