Bug Crawling Around Inside

by Ram
(Pasco, Washington, Usa)

I feel like a bug went into my eye and is crawling around inside my head. Is that even possible?

I feel a tingly sensation moving around inside. It moves from around my eye to like the top of my palate.

Hi Ram,

I suppose it is possible for a bug to enter the body through the eye cavity, but that would be unusual.

Did you actually see/feel it enter your eye, or are you guessing that it's the source of the crawling sensation you've been having around your eye and mouth?

I know that some people who suffer from candida overgrowth have experienced a similar sensation of feeling like a bug is crawling around inside their head, eyes, nose, etc.

Candida is a fungus that lives in our body, but when it starts to grow out of control, it can cause us all kinds of troubles.

If you think this may be a possibility with you, a good herbal cleanse, some garlic, and some probiotics should sort you out.

Even if you aren't certain if Candida is the cause of feeling like you have a bug crawling around inside you, this is a good way to help strengthen your immune system.

If your symptoms go away, all the better. You'll know that Candida or another parasite was highly likely the culprit.

To your good health!

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