Bugs Burrowing Under Skin

by Dawn Klotz
(Utica, MI USA)

This is a small black bug that is actually burrowing underneath the top layer of the skin and the skin is peeling away.

This is happening in blotches. Instead of the skin being brown it's pink and very painful.

This is happening to a friend of mine. He's been picking the bug out from under the skin. If he takes a shower, the water touching where the bugs entered his skin is also very painful.

Hi Dawn,

Has your friend been to see a doctor? It sounds like he may have scabies. It's not really a good idea for him to be picking the bugs out from under his skin.

You may want to suggest to him that he get some tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil and use it topically on the affected areas. These oils have anti-parasitic properties and may help to get rid of the problem.

Also, for the painful skin, if you can get access to an aloe vera plant, the gel that is in the middle of the leaves can be applied directly to the skin and will help to soothe and heal it.

Hope this helps.

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