Bugs Crawling Up and Down My Skin

When I wear certain shirts I feel bugs crawling up and down my skin inside my shirt on my shoulders and arms and lower back.

I really feel it bad after a hot shower and a long sleeve shirt.

Is this feeling of bugs crawling up and down your skin only when you wear a long sleeved shirt, or do you get it before you even put the shirt on after you've taken a hot shower?

Is it only a particular shirt, or any long sleeved shirt? Is it only a particular type of fabric - wool, cotton, linen, etc.)?

If it's a particular shirt that's causing you this sensation, of course, I'd say get rid of the shirt. :)

If it's a particular fabric, I'd suggest you may have developed an allergy to the fabric.

How long has this feeling of bugs crawling up and down your skin been going on? Have you recently changed laundry soap or fabric softener, etc? There are a number of options to consider,

If it's actually the hot shower that's triggering the problem, you may have some internal parasites or toxins in your system that are sensitive to the heat of the hot water.

In that case, I'd suggest a good cleanse and maybe even using some organic apple cider vinegar topically on your back and shoulders where you tend to experience the crawling sensation.

Quite often our system can get out of balance and can be brought back into balance with the simple addition of some good bacteria (Florafood) and a natural herbal cleanse (Herbal Fiberblend).

If you'd like to give a few more specifics about your situation, I'll try to give you a more thorough response. Someone else may have a suggestion to offer, too.

To your good health!

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