Bugs In Bed...

by Gail F

Bugs in bed, couch, chairs even in my van...

First, I began to feel something biting me in my living room. As I sat on my sofa, my feet were resting on the carpet in my living room.

Because I had watched my daughter's dogs for awhile, I thought perhaps it was fleas, but they went from the living room to the bedroom. I looked to see if it were bed bugs and no sign of the bed bug.

I had an exterminator to come out and he agreed it was not bed bugs. I had the exterminator to spray, he did and the small rash looking bumps (look like measles near the ankle to 1/4 of the way) on up my leg disappeared.

I think that was fleas, but something else continued. I would lay in my bed at any time and feel this rush of biting on me. I can never see anything. No bugs in bed or sofa or chairs.

Some of the chairs, like in the kitchen, have leather seating. Still the bugs continue to bite me through the leather and cloth. If I put plastic on the objects (chair, bed cover for bed bugs, plastic cover on box spring) they still bite.

I have found that I feel something crawling on me all the time while I am at home. But when I go out, I don't feel anything. Except when I feel like they are in my clothes.

Yes, I have to wash everything and I never leave anything lying around. If I move from one place to another I use alcohol hoping to dislodge whatever it might be.

Recently, I have found red mosquito bites on my legs and arms. I can feel them when I am lying still, biting, so I immediately look but there is nothing but a red mark sometimes.

I treated my house at first as if I had bed bugs, but after the exterminator came and we realized it was not that, we began the search to find out what it could be. So far with no results.

I have allowed him to fog my house and my bed and I still feel something biting me or moving on me. I am a very clean person in my home.

By the way, my husband does feel them as well, but not as severely as myself. I feel like throwing everything out, but I still will not have the answer.

Please help me.

Hi Gail,

I can understand why you thought bed bugs might be the culprit when you started feeling bugs in bed, on your furniture, etc.

Unfortunately, a lot of people DO experience problems with bed bugs (especially if they've recently stayed in a hotel and perhaps brought some "passengers" home with them in their luggage.

In a way, it could be good news that you
are NOT dealing with bedbugs as they can be quite challenging to get rid of in their own right - exterminators doing very little good these days.

BUT, at the same time, I understand that the "unknown" pest is just as terrible because it's difficult to know WHAT to do next when you can't figure out what you are dealing with.

If you are feeling like you are getting bites from bugs in bed, and you've ruled out the typical bedbugs, fleas, etc., I usually encourage people to consider an INTERNAL cleanse.

This serves two purposes:
  1. Makes your body an unfriendly environment which mites, fleas, etc., want to avoid.
  2. Removes the possibility (or reality) of an internal parasite that is contributing to your symptoms.

Let me give you an example. Near the end of last year I developed a very itchy "rash" (for lack of a better term) on my back that seemed like little bites all over me. It was driving me nuts!

I couldn't figure out what it was and tried eliminating it with topical remedies, cleaning my furniture, sheets, etc., with no success. I even resorted going to the doctor seeking answers - they had no idea either.

Finally, I thumped my forehead and said to myself, "You tell everyone else to cleanse internally with Herbal Fiberblend. Why aren't you doing that yourself?"

Of course, I then immediately started an internal cleanse and within a couple of weeks the problem was completely gone. I still don't know what it was, but at that point I was just relieved to be done with it.

I can only make guesses as to what you are dealing with based on your description. Could it possibly be sand fleas or "no see ums" or could you be having a reaction to possible flea bites (from dog-sitting)? Sometimes the toxins stay in your system and drive you crazy for weeks after the initial bites.

I just can't tell you with any confidence what you may be dealing with - it would be sheer guess.

What I CAN tell you is what I would do. I would get both Herbal Fiberblend and Bear Paw Garlic and take them for at least a month.

I would ALSO get some clove oil or some cedar oil and make up a spray bottle with one (or both) of these oils mixed in water and spray it around the carpets and furnishings in your house.

Finally, I would get some organic apple cider vinegar (like Bragg's - available at many grocery stores and most health food stores) and take a tablespoon per day in a glass of water. If you prefer to drink it like a tea, use hot water and a teaspoon of honey mixed in with the ACV.

I hope this helps you and that you can come back and shout, "It worked!" :)

Angie from allaboutparasites.com

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Oct 29, 2017
It's Demodex mites NEW
by: Jl

Same exact problems and it started with my dogs also. People have demodex in their skin, almost 100% of people have them by the time they are elderly for some reason doctors are not realizing this is the problem when the mites overpopulate sometimes due to low immune system or yeast overgrowth in body due to taking antbiotics. You mostly.cannot see these mites the Demodex brevis are smaller and live deeper in your sebaceous glands in the skin. Demodex folliculorum are longer aND live in the hair follicles sometimes up to 25 mites per follicle. These are the eyelash mites that most eye docs know about and is the cause of dry eye, blurry vision, but they are not connecting the dots here as these mites are also a cause of Rosacea. They come out at night to mate and it feels like tiny hairs moving on your face and scalp and all over. Feeling bites but no bug seen bwcause they are in your har follicles and sebaceous glands in skin. There really seems to be nothing that gets rid of them all the way as they are naturally part of your skin flora so keeping them under control is the only possibility. Have tried every possible treatment and it will seem to get better only to break out even worse a month later. Change pillow cases every night, we sprayed carpets aND furniture with Martins permethrin and dog areas, also spray 70% alcohol on everything before we sit. Vets are not seeing that these dogs have mites and are treating them for food allergoes and skin allergies due to itching but it is actually mites you can not see as they stay under the skin. They cause bad patches of scab's or thick orange peel looking skin because therw are so many layered under the surface, eggs and nymph stage cannot be killed even with ivermectin. It helps with the older stages but they r constantly hatching and laying eggs. Other countries seem to know more about this problem than here. They only seem to think it's bed bugs or lice but it is demodex! They get in ears and nose as well. You can see the bigger ones and the small sliver size ones ans the brevis feel like sand granules when they die on surface. Sometimes brown freckles that show up on skin are actally patches of them under skin. Some areas look like a line in skin or a pimple that never goes away. Its the tip of the iceberg. Usually a big patch of them underneath and they latch on so hard to pull out unless they die first then will peel area right off. There is no way to heal these bad skin breakouts until the mites are physically gone from that area. Nu-stock a sulfur pine cream for mange works good, can give headache if use too much at once but does work, tea tree in baby oil for eyelids the eye doctors recommend, Hypochlor eye spray worKS great. You have to treat all day, keep alcohol in spray bottle next to u st night to spray scalp or legs or face, face washes with salicylic acid help, don't leave make up on at night they feed off the oils which is why nose, and cheek chin area get so bad they are painful at times under the skin can feel pricking and just painful spots when therw are more full grown mites in there. Also dmso with ivermectin paste helps get under skin and will kill some off. Sleep with zinc baby rash paste aND tea tree oil on face and neck and amywhere else just to stop some at night. Candida seems to maybe be one reason they get out of control so cleanse for sure. Look up demodex Rosacea and demodex eyelash mites and read patient blogs you will see how many people have this and how many doctors have no clue! If your dog has it scratch or rub the inside of his ear and if his back leg kicks it's the Pedal-Pinna reflex test and 95% proves it's mites. Look it up that's how we found what we were dealing with my vet did that on my dog so I researched after that treat the dogs ears also with ear mite med every few weeks to keep that down also.

Sep 30, 2017
No see ums
by: Darlene

I am having the same problem. Slight sting. No signs of a bite. No bed bugs no fleas. I have done the bed bug and flea extermination. I change my sheets and vacuum Every day. My dog feels it also. I took him to the vet and they found nothing. I am at my wit's end.

Nov 20, 2016
parasites on skin
by: Shanetta

Have the allergy doctor do a comprehensive stool test. It will show dead and live parasites under the skin. I am getting ready to have this done because I know something is under my skin

Jun 01, 2016
Bird mites or a spices of mites
by: Sam

I know this was wrote many years ago, but I too have been having this problem and have (I think) discovered that this particular MITE (I finally bought a magnifying glass to see what was biting my kids and I...) is what they call, in my area, a bird mite. This may be something for you all to look in to. I also discovered another interesting piece of information that may be helpful to some, I cannot quote everything, but many people whom have had fillings associated with mercury or possibly some other sort of metals (???) Have numerous complaints regarding "insect crawling" feelings etc.& once removed they immediately stopped. For me, the grass outside my apartment is flooded with these tiny black specks that sting my kids and I then later leave our skin looking chewed up & swollen. They have now infested our apartment & made my life hell when I was already submerged and stumbling....I hope you all have found your answers and are doing well!

Mar 28, 2016
by: Midwest gal

Gail. I feel as though I could have written the same entry. Bites, but no bugs visible to the naked eye. Only marks are red mosquito-like bites. Feel like no one believes me. Wish that I was married to a scientist so that he could snag skin samples to study. Maybe there would be a small clue there. I did find a TINY bug that had burrowed its way into my skin, leaving a mosquito-like bite. I need to have it identified. Smaller than fleas. Smaller than bed bugs. Smaller than ants. I refuse to take this anymore. I WILL become paranoid if this continues.

Jul 26, 2015
It's Not What You Think AT ALL!!!
by: Denise

I read posts all over the internet about people suffering from the feeling of something biting and stinging them, yet they never see anything. I feel bad for most of these people because unfortunatly I believe they have a disease called Morgellons.
This is a horrible disease with no known cure and in fact no known vector of how people get this.There is, however, countless websites and youtube videos that can explain this otherworldly disease. I say otherworldly because it does some very very strange things. Most doctors will say you have "Delusional Parasotosis" YOU DO NOT AND YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!!
I have suffered since 2007. You can find help from others just google Morgellons and see just how many sites come up.

Good luck and God bless

Oct 19, 2014
Bugs In Bed...
by: Cindy

Has anyone tried this and had it succeed? I am curious how many people say this works.

Ive had this problem for 3 years but I can see them. Ive recently found out my dog has sticktight fleas which would create this type of problem.

I am waiting for a 2nd confirmation of this before I once again use pesticides.

I've pulled up my carpets, had fumigation etc. but just in case you don't know, even fumigation will not totally wipe out fleas.

Anyway, I am curious about this cleanse and want to try it, just don't want to toss more money down the drain without customer support of this.

Thank you,

Aug 30, 2012
by: Anonymous


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