Bugs On Skin And Scalp....

by Anon Smith

Dealing with Bugs on Skin and Scalp...

We had small bites and feather-like tickling sensations.

After applying an over the counter lice shampoo it got worse. I've spent $230 on essential oils....no soap!

I took the CVS Shampoo back. I spray orange oil diluted, I use tea tree oil and tonight we're using jojoba oil with rosemary, lemongrass and clove...

No tub available. I got an egg off my neck last nite as I had to pull 5x and hard not ever knowing I had hair there.
HELP... AND there is NO rash.
& I'm sick of doing laundry

Dear "Anon Smith,"

Have you actually seen any bugs on skin and scalp or just had sensations that made you feel like there were bugs there.

You did mention that you pulled an "egg" off of your neck. How certain are you that it was an egg? Did you save it so that you can show a doctor?

Is there more than one person experiencing these sensations? How long has this been going on?

Have you considered that it may be something other than bugs? You may have internal parasites, of course, but it may also be an allergic reaction to something you've been exposed to, for example.

If it IS external bugs of some variety, the essential oils should help as most have anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties.

Even coating your entire scalp with olive oil for several hours (overnight would be good), may serve to suffocate any external bugs you might be dealing with.

Kindest regards,

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