Bump On My Right Palm

by Michael
(Cumming, GA, USA)

I have a bump on my right palm. At first, I thought it was a callous from weight lifting during the summer, but it hasn't gotten any better.

It doesn't hurt to the touch or pressure, and when I open it up, there is something black lodged in it.

It is probably no bigger than 1/2 a centimeter across and the black object was probably 3/4 centimeters long. I tried to pick at it but it seemed to disappear when I peeled some off.

What is this?

Hi Michael,

It's quite likely that what you are dealing with is a splinter that has lodged in your right palm and the skin has toughened up around it (like the callous) as a protective measure.

It could be a piece of wood, a sliver of metal, or some other small piece of debris that you were unaware of at the time it pierced your skin.

If you are able to open it and see the black thing lodged there, try using some hydrogen peroxide to cause the foreign object to bubble up and out of the skin.

This hydrogen peroxide will also serve to help disinfect the damaged area of the skin so you don't end up with an infection from picking at it.

Hope that helps. Let us know if the peroxide works to do the job.

To your good health!

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