Bumps On My Arms

by Shannon H.
(Ware, Massachusetts)

I have bumps on my arms and I sometimes feel a pinching feeling, and it hurts then I see this little white thing?

Well I have been itchy for a while, like maybe a couple of weeks. I went to a friend's house and I felt something coming out of my skin.

At first I was like, that can't be anything. Maybe just a pimple. Well I seen something again that looked like puss but it hurt and the bump didn't feel like no pimple or white head.

When I squeeze it bleeds a little bit but then goes away and looks like a hole is in my arm.

I went to the ER and they didn't care. Well today I got home and I seen something white go onto my arm and then was gone like that.

Then all of sudden I get this bump and then something white is coming out but it didn't hurt.

What is it???? I feel like I am losing my mind. I need answers.

Hi Shannon,

There have been a few people writing in describing white things on their arms and legs that really are difficult to identify.

Have you noticed anything else unusual going on in your body lately? Are you having any trouble with your bowel movements - constipation, diarrhea, bloating feeling, more tired than usual, etc.?

I'm trying to determine if perhaps you have either an internal parasite or toxins in your system, or some other internal cause for what you are experiencing.

A "pinching feeling" is one of the symptoms of internal parasites, so that's part of the reason parasites come to mind.

Quite often when we get lumps and bumps on our skin or a rash, it is because our filtering organs (like the liver) are having difficulty processing all of the toxins in our body efficiently so they have to send them to the skin to get rid of them.

I can't say if that is the case in your situation or not. I usually suggest an internal herbal cleanse and nutritional support, as well as a change in diet - cut out the sugars and junk food for a little while, to try to give the body a chance to clear up the problem on its own.

If you can't find another solution that you can confirm, it would be well worth trying to rid yourself of this problem. It's always a good idea to boost your immune system.

You could also try applying some essential oils to your skin where you are getting the bumps on your arms. A good choice would be tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, or oregano oil.

To your good health!

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Oct 08, 2011
Coming and going bites that stay forever!!!
by: Anonymous

my family has dealt with some type of recurring infestation for two years now. At times it may feel like a stinging sensation and then we look to see a bump (tiny), and other times we may only feel somthng in our nose and/or corner of our eyes, and can wipe it away and actually feel a speck of somthing so small that it is unidentifiable. Had the house tested for everything, and nothing was found, even had it sprayed for bugs but it didnt change anything. Somtimes the biting goes away for weeks at a time and then returns with a vengeance, only to disappear again for a time. A doctor initially tried telling us it was the itch mite, but on one occasion after actually using their pyrethrin cream, I got out of the shower after rinsing and was bitten inside of my nostril so hard that it made my eyes water. Still, nothing to see at all really, only an occasional dot that looks like a grain of pepper. soaking the furniture and throwing out my rugs seemed to lessen the infestation after a year, however I have scars all over me frm prior biteing and the bites that are there stay around for weeks and weeks, never wanting to heal, leaving me frustrated and depressed.

Sep 25, 2011
bumps on my arms
by: shannon


Thank you so much for responding back to my post. I don't feel that pinching really anymore. I am definitly gonna take your advice and see what happens. Thank you again for your time. :-)

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