Burrowing Bugs Around One Eye

by A Sailor

Burrowing Bugs Under My Eye

Burrowing Bugs Under My Eye

I have traveled to Egypt, Fiji, Israel, BVI, and Ireland. I seem to have brought a small colony of some burrowing bugs home under my left eye.

I have had them for a few years. They create little red lines and then teeny volcano looking things under that eye. The itching is insane.

The interesting thing is that they haven't spread any further than that area.

I have never seen any bugs, but can see their trails and the bumps they generate when they come up for air.

What can I do to eradicate them and not hurt my system?

I put Hydroxygen Plus on the area and it burned so badly I thought I would pass out, the next day the bumps were crusted over and the itching stopped for a few months. It seemed to have driven them deeper inside. They cycle every few months.

I hope you can help!
A Sailor

Hi Sailor,

It certainly sounds like you picked up a parasite in your travels that just doesn't want to leave!

Your description kind of sounds like scabies, though it would be very unusual to have it around your eye and nowhere else, particularly for so long a period. It must be something else.

Surprisingly to many people, you don't have to travel overseas to get some nasty parasites these days, but I can't deny that you do run a greater risk while traveling.

Regardless, you should be able to get rid of the pesky little creatures if you give yourself a thorough natural cleansing and immune building treatment
as follows:

If you follow this protocol, I'm not allowed to "guarantee" anything, but I'm reasonably confident that following that course will allow your body to kill off the bugs and flush them out of your system.


The Herbal Fiberblend is a combination of 17 herbs that are anti-fungal and anti-parasitic, as well as soluble and insoluble fiber. This works to kill and eliminate internal parasites as well as detox the body.

The Barley Life is a whole green food supplement powder that is rich in nutrition and boosts your immune system so that your body can repair damaged cells and build healthy new cells.

The AIMega is a combination of essential fatty acids that are also important building blocks necessary for healthy cells.

Finally, the Florafood is a combination of probiotics that will boost your immune system by building up your friendly bacteria in your system and allow your body to fight the parasites.

Note: Take the Herbal Fiberblend on its own, at least an hour away from the other supplements.

You can order all of those items in one place through the AIM order form which is where I get them.

I hope you'll give me an update on your "burrowing bugs around one eye" situation once you've tried this natural remedy. If you have any further questions while you are going through it, feel free to post them here.

To your good health!
Angie from allaboutparasites.com

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