Burrowing Parasite In Cyprus

by Stellaluna

What is this burrowing parasite in Cyprus?

It burrows. It makes an itch. If I scratch the scab, blood SPURTS out. I think it has accessed a blood vessel.

When the blood spurts out, I think babies (small black specks) come out too.

And then obviously they live under my fingernails and I am the vector. They are very sticky and create a micro-habitat under my nails.

I have managed to get rid of lots of lesions, but the specks live in the fatty rim around the lesion.

I would really appreciate knowing I am not the only person suffering from this, and also how to treat it.

I do not have a bath and it is to cold to shower where I live. I expect that is how they got access.

Thank you.


Have you been to see a doctor about your lesions and this possible burrowing parasite in Cyprus? Have they ruled out scabies as a possiblity?

What have you done so far to get rid of the lesions and their cause? Even though you don't have a bath, you can give yourself a "sponge bath" to help cleanse your skin.

Try getting some anti-parasitic and anti-fungal essential oil - like tea tree oil, or oregano oil, or neem oil. Put several drops of the oil in a large bowl of clean warm water and then use a cloth to gently cleanse your body.

Can you get probiotics in Cyprus? These are the friendly bacteria that live in our bodies to help us fight off infection, parasites, unfriendly bacteria, etc. so that we have a healthy immune system.

Probiotics are things like acidophilus, bifidum, and longum, to name a few. You can probably order Florafood and have it posted to you if you are unable to locate any good quality probiotics locally.

It's always important to take plenty of probiotics when fighting off any type of parasite or infection because it gives your body more of what it needs to win the fight.

I hope maybe some other visitors from Cyprus will come along and comment on your question about being the only one affected by this particular burrowing parasite.

I know others have written in about burrowing parasites from different parts of the world, but burrowing and itching are such common descriptions used when speaking of parasites, particularly skin parasites, that there's no real way to know if they are the same type without examination.

I hope you are able to get rid of this problem soon so that you feel better.

To your good health!

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May 21, 2011
Please help
by: Anonymous

I have the same thing happening to me right now. I also have them in my eyes nose lips and sinus cavities. They are horrible. Can't work sleep in own bed. Everything turned upside down. Let me know if you find what it is. I'll do the same.

Aug 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

We have the exact same thing going on with no help. No one belives us even though we have seen many doctors. It is drivng us crazy; if someone would only take time to actually look at the microscopic photos I have taken; they could see the actual worms and bugs that look like some kind of fly up close. I pray that things are better for you. There are thousands of us suffering from this; just no one to help. Maybe someday.

Apr 05, 2010
Burrowing Parasite In Cyprus
by: Angie

Hi Patricia,

Please don't feel guilty. I'm so sorry to hear that people are made to feel guilty or even crazy because doctors, etc., don't know the answers and refuse to admit it.

Wouldn't it be nice if all of our troubles disappeared if we just didn't think about them? :)

I'm really sorry you are going through this. I wish I could offer more encouragement. I hope the essential oils make a difference for you and offer some real help.

Increasing your probiotics should help too. Do your very best to eat as healthy as you can - cut back on sugar intake, etc. Even consider whole food supplements if you are able in order to give your body as much nutritional support as possible.

The more high quality nutrition your body gets, the better it is equipped to fight off infection, disease, parasites, etc.

Last but not least, have you done any parasite cleansing protocols? There are natural herbal cleanses that can also help to eliminate a variety of parasites if you feel like giving them a try.

I know there's a lot to consider and think about. Do some reading and determine a course of action that seems the most practical for you.

If I can be of help, please let me know.

Apr 04, 2010
Thank you, Angie
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your response, Angie. I suppose like many I feel somehow guilty, so your response was very welcome and supportive.

In the past, for another reason, I tried three dermatologists, but they hadn't a clue. This time I sent to a lab and asked them to take a swab, but she insisted I sent to a dermatologist.

He was very evasive. He had a device that photographs the lseion and magnifies it. I think it is Morgella because of the filaments.

He prescribed a tranquilliser and anti-allergen (which I didn't take0 and the simple cream, Fucicort. But when I asked him what the condition was (I can't remember what he said) but when I checked on the INternet, it was connected with self-harming! He told me not to think about it and it would go away.

I have ordered Tea tree and Neem oil. I've been taking a probiotic, but not a high enough dose.


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