Can Parasites Get In Eyes?

by Yolanda Brandon
(Detroit, MIchigan)

Can Parasites Get In Eyes?

I have been awaking at night on more than one occasion by something biting me and something crawling in my eyes.

I have been affected by this for some time, biting, itching and some feeling like it's coming from under my skin. I now feel it head-to-toe also in my vaginal area and buttocks.

Hi Yolanda,

Yes, parasites can get in eyes. It sounds like you need a good herbal cleanse to clean out your system.

Try Herbal Fiberblend. It's a safe, reliable natural product that's been around for years and very effective.

While you are cleansing, try to cut out the excess sugar in your diet. Parasites feed on sugar so you'll be able to get rid of them faster when you cut down on their food supply.

Drink plenty of water while you are cleansing. This helps the fiber in the HFB to push the dead and dying parasites out of your body more quickly and easily.

Since you said this has been going on for some time, you really do need to take action. The fact that you are wondering can parasites get in eyes, tells me that they are spreading and really need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

To your good health!

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Jan 17, 2016
Parasites living outside of host... NEW
by: Angie from

It really depends on what parasites you are dealing with. Some can live off the host and others cannot.

The suggestion I would make for your car, furniture, etc., is to make up a spray bottle of water and clove oil (20-30 drops per quart of water) and spritz the area you are concerned about. Clove oil is a good natural anti-parasitic.

As for your make-up, that's going to have to be a judgment call on your part. Better to be safe than sorry, but if money is a real concern, perhaps you can just wash the applicators (brushes, sponges, etc) using soap and a bit of clove oil and see how you go. If you have a flare-up then you would probably want to go with all new stuff.

Just another tip, I don't know what cleanse you are using but for the protocol I recommend, I always encourage clients to continue cleansing for a few weeks after you suspect you are "all clear" so that you don't allow some lingering eggs, etc., to hatch and re-infest your system.

Also, be sure to support your immune system while cleansing. You want your body to have what it needs to fight off the invaders and repair any damage done.


Jan 16, 2016
Answers and Questions to Parasites NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been dealing with being sick for years now. Much money has been spent over the counter and with doctors that in the last few months have literally asked me if I'm depressed because they do not find much wrong with me during the tests. Long story short, if you aren't pretty sure yourself of what is wrong, you won't get any closer to knowing with the doctors. I had to narrow it down and it has not been an easy road. I got sick after the following had transpired in my life. I was living in a country house that had black mold on the walls. A lice epidemic had gone through the house after coming home with one of the kids. Our dogs were sick with similar symptoms that I have had. And the ex~boyfriend had cheated on me and I was told numerous health rumors of the other woman. I have been tested for STD'S, AIDS, Fungal and Mold infections, Tick diseases, Inflammation diseases, you name it, I have most likely been tested for it. It didn't occur to me though about parasites until after I was last seen by the doc. He asked me if I could just be depressed. I had told him about the headaches, ears itching, all over body itching, loss of weight, bloating stomach when the rest of my body is thin, the feeling of movement within my body and how the sores clear up with antibacterial stuff but then another one comes up close by the last one. I left that day determined that I had enough of this not only within my body but everyone wondering about me. I thought of my dogs and their ailments they had which I didn't figure out what was wrong with them before leaving the ex and moving to a different state. I started looking into parasites and am sure this is what is wrong as the cleanse I have been using is working. I have some questions for someone who might know the answer. I would like to know if I should be concerned about the parasites being within my makeup that I use? Also, as I get rid of it in my body, how do I ensure to get rid of it within my home, car, etc? or are they able to live without being in a host?

Jul 13, 2011
Finding a Cure
by: Anonymous

HI Yolanda,

Did you find out what the parasites are and did you get some help? I have the same thing and I have been working on it and found some relief, They are not all gone yet...but close. They are much diminished, but it has been 3 months and I have tried several things. I know what works and what doesn't and I think I can help you. You will need more than just a cleanse. It's a good start, but it's not going to do the trick completely and I have lot's of info for you, if you wish to contact me at regencymgmt at the G-mail place.
Thank you and blessings in finding a cure! I know how you feel and hope I can help!!

Aug 25, 2010
You Betcha they live in your eyes
by: Anonymous

I dealt with this for 10 mos. I was like you they drove me CRAZY !!! Dr told me I was Psycosis till I threw him a couple of little zipp lock baggies at him and he observed them. Do stop the sugar intake completely ,drink water and lots of it. Good Luck...... Oh, dont let the Drs tell you there isnt nothing wrong with you.. You do feel them and they are real and it is not in your head....

May 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

girl u need to go to a doctor that stuff can kill you.....and its really dangerous for u and ur i suggest to go to a doctor and check u out.....because it can get worst

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