Can this be a parasite?

My chicken pox scar on my belly which has been there for years one day looked bigger. I realized there was juice under it and after touching it a tiny hole appeared in the middle (magically) about the diameter of a small needle.

I squeezed it and juice came out of the hole but also out of all the other pores surrounding the chicken pox scar. After a little bit of yellowish fluid came blood. It scabbed up but stayed infected under the scab.

It would scab up after about a month then I would squeeze it again and this is how after about 6-9 months it got down to almost normal size. The juice built up and I had to squeeze it recently. It left a brown scar around a white center.

About two months ago in an area that didn't have a chicken pox scar exactly lined up with the first sore a bump appeared which had fluid underneath it. It was skin colored and the skin wasn't transparent because of the fluid meaning the fluid wasn't as close to the surface of the skin.

This one I only had to squeeze twice before it kind of healed and left a brown scar with a white center.

Both scars are about the diameter of a number 2 pencil with a white scar looking center about a mm in diameter. They flare up from time to time.

Herpes? Syphilis? Parasitic?

Very interesting. Have you had a doctor look at it? It, of course, sounds like you have some infection there - the puss coming out is usually a sign of infection.

I don't know what would be causing it. Do you have any other pain or discomfort in the area?

The next time it flares up, I'd try putting some drawing salve on it first (rather than squeezing it) and then afterward clean it with peroxide and apply some pure tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil (or another anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial organic oil).

I hope you find out what it is and that it goes away. If you get any more new eruptions, it would be a good idea to go see someone skilled in natural health to let them take a look.

To your good health!

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