Can vinegar work as a detox for cocaine?

I'm having a drug test in 3 hrs. A friend told me to drink vinegar and cranberry. I did cocaine exactly a week ago. Can the vinegar detox me?

I would imagine that your friend was referring to apple cider vinegar, but I can't honestly say whether or not vinegar can work as a detox for cocaine.

Apple Cider Vinegar in its organic form is very good to help detox the body on a gentle basis, but I don't know if it would help you pass a drug test.

I'm not really familiar with how drug tests are read and what causes the positive or negative results.

I assume it is a measure of certain substances in your system. I know of a Greek guy that failed a drug test because he ate poppy seed cake a few times per week and poppy seeds will cause a positive reading. He was told to not eat the cake for a week and get tested again, and he passed.

From what I've read about testing for cocaine, you may pass anyway, if it really has been a week since you used the drug. Apparently the drug shows in the blood for about 72 hours and in the urine for about 48 hours.

If a hair test is given, it can show for up to 90 days.

I've seen some of the detox/cleanse programs that are on the market targeting those who want to cleanse before a drug test. Basically, they are a combination of vitamins and herbs that you would use for a regular digestive cleanse - much like those in Herbal Fiberblend.

I don't recommend drug use, but if you do have a history of using drugs and you really want to clean your system out and reduce the amount of damage you've done to yourself, I'd recommend the Herbal Fiberblend for a full 3 month cleanse as well as regular use of the Garden Trio to get some good quality natural nutrition in your body to support your immune system.

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Apr 12, 2017
Clean cocaine out NEW
by: Dez

how to clean cocaine out your system

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