Candida Diet Meal Ideas

by Gail Richard
(Berkshire, UK)

In UK...what I have found is excellent for Candida diet meal ideas.

Hi...having read some comments on here, I thought I would write and say that since being admitted to hospital last year twice for horrendously fast heartbeat...which followed with a brief comment from a paramedic that maybe I had too much yeast/sugar in my system.

So, having looked it up on the internet, came to the conclusion that apart from vaginal/oral thrush, all the major symptoms were relating to me. I had never in my life suffered with any of the thrush symptoms.

So, although really hard to start with when shopping, I soon just got into the habit of only going down the aisles for fresh fruit and veg, and fresh meat.

I followed the guidelines on what fruit and veg to have, and have limited myself to berries, which are wonderful in the morning.

For breakfast, or any other time of day when I want to snack, I have one shredded wheat, (apparently the only cereal available with no sugars in it), topped with Rachel's coconut bio live yoghurt and Rachel's natural bio live yoghurt, with a handful of each of blueberries, blackberries and rasberries.

Believe me it is lovely. If I want a dash of milk, I just add a dash of organic soya milk.

For another breakfast, unsmoked bacon, fresh tomatoes and chopped onions, with an egg if fancied. Or just a couple of avocado's.

Then for lunch/dinner...well, just a case of making some wonderful stir frys, using steak, chicken and add in all the veg you can that are allowed.

I add peppers, red and white onions, garlic, fresh tomatoes, oregano and Italian herbs, fine chopped mini runner beans, and just about anything that takes my fancy.

Or if I just feel hungry and want something quick....a steak with onions and tomatoes and some garlic if I fancy it.

I felt that once I left the packets and tins out of things, including all gravies etc, that it was easier
just to experiment with different flavours.

I never eat bread, pasta or rice. Nothing at all with added sugar. I do not eat potatoes, cheeses or any dairy products that nearly all state a huge amount of processing.

I just stick to the natural products, and am now growing a lot more fruit and veg in the garden, so I know it will not have any pesticides added.

For many years I struggled with weight problems no matter how I tried.....and starved. Now, am eating probably four times as much food over the day, and have lost 3 stone since November, and it is now beginning April!

People are saying how well I look, and I feel so much better. I never crave foods that are sweet or full of carbs. At first I did, but after only a week or so.

I soon got used to it and now I don't feel a need for them. I found that if I really do want a piece of chocolate, then just a small piece of Lindtz 70% dark chocolate soothes that issue.

It is well worth giving these candida diet meal ideas a try.....and avoid the aisles when shopping that just hold processed foods.

I would be interested to hear about where to buy any type of pita breads etc that do not have yeasts and sugars and that are only made of wholemeal brown. If anyone knows of anything, I'd appreciate it.

Just sometimes I wish I could have something that resembled a sandwich, without the horrible stomach cramps and the feeling of nausea, and without putting my heart rate up.

Good luck everyone!

Hi Gail,

Thanks for sharing your great candida diet meal ideas. They are so simple and practical and I'm sure they will be a help to other readers who think, "What can I eat on a candida diet???"

Maybe your post will encourage others to share their tips for a candida diet too.

To your good health!

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yeast free bread options NEW
by: Ali

Hi, I would take a look at wraps and also soda bread which are yeast free but you will need to check for sugar. I find the wraps the best for lunches with some chicken and salad etc. I have also looked at damper bred but not tried making any yet. Scones are also a good alternative and can be savoury. I am not so keen on the buttermilk used in most soda breads so I substitute with normal milk. So its not dairy free but suits me for a yeast allergy. I hope that helps.
Good Luck

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