Candida Overgrowth

by Chris

I have been suffering, with what I think is a candida overgrowth, for over a year now.

I am a 36 year old male, and my problems started with itching of the penis and around the anus after sex. I went to the doctor and he said I had a yeast infection for which he gave me some cream to use.

The symptoms still came after sex, and the anal itching was very bad at night. I went to a different doctor a few months later and she said I had a very bad yeast infection (the skin around my anus was red and inflamed and itched all day and night, and my penis would have a rash on it that also itched).

She prescribed Fluconazole, which helped for about a week or so.

Lately, I have still have the same symptoms and am currently using some herbs that are supposed to kill the candida albicans, but I don't know if they are really helping because I'm still really sore in and around my anus, and still have an occasional rash on my penis after sex.

Hi Chris,

Your symptoms could very likely be from Candida overgrowth. The fact that you've had 2 different doctors diagnose you with Candida overgrowth is actually very encouraging to me.

Too many doctors still refuse to even acknowledge yeast infections as a condition worth addressing.

The other option which may be contributing to your symptoms are intestinal worms. They can also cause that intense itching at the anus. It's possible you've got both issues going on, but the best suggestions I can give you would deal with either/or, so you really can't lose.

I don't know what herbs you are using, but some herbs are very effective in cleansing candida overgrowth and other parasites from your body.

Of course, you won't remove the yeast entirely - we all have it naturally growing
in our body. The secret is to get it back under the control of your immune system. You need to have MORE of the good bacteria and LESS of the bad bacteria (candida albicans).

You may not realize it, but you can also pass a candida overgrowth (yeast infection) back and forth during sexual intercourse. So, even if you are treating yourself, if your partner is not you can be getting it over and over again. They may not even be showing symptoms and can still pass it to you.

You both need to treat yourselves for an overgrowth of candida at the same time to get it under control.

The best natural treatments include cleansing and building. You want to eliminate the excess candida and replenish the good bacteria.

Internally I suggest Herbal Fiberblend, Florafood, and BarleyLife.

Since you've had the problem so long, I would suggest you use these faithfully for at least 3 months. Even if you start to feel better, stick with it.

I would also suggest that you use tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, or oregano oil topically on the affected area. If the skin is too raw around the anus or penis, it may burn slightly. You could mix it with a little olive oil to dilute it. Apply twice daily.

Finally, try to cut down on your sugar intake as much as possible. Their are candida diet guidelines that will help you understand the types of foods you should and shouldn't eat until you are sure you have the candida overgrowth under control.

Since you believe you've had this condition for over a year, it is probably a pretty strong infection (has had plenty of time to run out of control). Your dietary changes will be very important.

I hope this helps you and that you are finally able to conquer it.

To your good health!

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