Candida Sufferer Seeks Dietary Advice

by Ruth H.
(Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK)

Candida Sufferer Seeks Dietary Advice

Hello, my name is Ruth and I am unfortunately one of the many candiditis sufferers. I have been suffering on and off for two years now and since finding out about how to cure and prevent it I am very keen to do so.

My question is more to do with diet than anything else. Having been affected with eczema since early childhood and, having now read how this could be related to my candida problems, I am interested in getting myself into a dietary plan that will hopefully help with both ailments.

I have been reading lots of articles and online details about how to go about following an anti- candida diet but I feel quite overwhelmed with all the information.

I want to follow quite a strict diet but I am worried about getting it wrong and ending up weakened and ill from the changes.

I am 24 years old and only 5'1" weighing around 7 stone 4lbs. I have always struggled to keep weight on and find I loose it rapidly if I lose my appetite or I am poorly.

I wondered whether there is any online information regarding an anti-candida diet that takes into account each individuals lifestyle and size? If there is could you possibly point me in the right direction?

I have been advised my a friend's mother not to take the diet too extreme because of my size but in several books it is advised to cut out all sugars for the first three months. Which do you think is the best way to go about it?

I look forward to hearing back from you and getting on the road to recovery soon!

Thank you : )


Hi Ruth,

It's good to hear that you understand the importance of making some dietary changes in order
to get your candida overgrowth under control.

The strictness of your diet is really determined by the severity of your condition and what else you do in combination with your dietary changes.

Unfortunately, I don't know of a specific online resource that provides information tailored to specific size and weight profiles. The principles to follow are pretty consistent and can be found in our basic candida diet guidelines.

Sugar is a definite promoter of yeast overgrowth. You are really just feeding your yeast infection when you eat sugar and processed foods!

I understand your concern about weight loss, but there are healthy foods that you can eat and nutritional supplements that you can take to boost your nutritional intake.

You may not need 3 full months of a rigidly strict candida diet if you are particularly careful in your first month AND use supplements to help strengthen your immune system at the same time.

Personally, I would cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend and support your body with the Garden Trio and Florafood.

You mentioned your eczema, which can be related to candida/yeast overgrowth, as you mentioned, but it also can be related to too many toxins in the liver. The Redibeets in the Garden Trio is a great natural liver cleanser so that may be an added benefit you could receive.

I know it IS all overwhelming, but some of the basic principles to follow (to simplify it) are to eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. The least amount of human intervention in the food, the better. :)

I hope that you will be able to organize a suitable diet for yourself and stick with it until your immune system has the candida completely under control again.

Let me know if I can be of further help!
To your good health!

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