by Aaron Babila
(Lomita CA )

I been having health problems for a year now and all symptoms I have are candida symptoms.

I was wondering what kinda test can doctors offer too see if you really have candida?? Or what kinda specialist can I see to get it checked out?

Hi Aaron,

Candida is a tricky issue to get properly diagnosed, I'm afraid. I'm not sure why so many doctors are ignorant of this condition, but that certainly seems to be the case. Many doctors will not even admit that there is such a condition as Candida albicans (yeast overgrowth).

There are tests that you can take, but you'll most likely have to find an alternative medicine doctor if you want to have them done. The tests available include the Candida Immune Complexes test, and a combination of of IgA, IgG and IgM tests.

If you want to have one of these done, I would suggest looking for a doctor in your area who is trained in natural health, and is familiar with these tests if you are determined to be tested.

The tests will likely cost a couple hundred dollars, plus doctor's visits.

However, if you are fairly confident you have many candida symptoms, why not just give yourself a natural cleanse and follow the candid diet guidelines for a while?

If you improve (which you most likely will), you'll have your answer. Regardless, the diet and cleanse will certainly not hurt you as it will help to build and strengthen your immune system as it takes care of the problem of the yeast overgrowth.

You can find more information about what to take for a natural candida cure if you want to give it a try.

To your good health!

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