Cannabis Detox

by Bill S.
(Honolulu, HI (not NC))

Bodily Detox From Cannabis Toxification

I am interested if a chronic cannabis smoker can detoxify his body using ACV in a shorter interval than the customary 30-day period most people claim it takes to ride the body of such toxins.

Can you outline a plan, I won't hold you to, just a kind of step by step suggestion you may make, that will outline A. How much to take per day, B. How much water to use and C. If distilled water is the best H2O to use to produce the very best results.

Kindly inform me of how best to detoxify my body using Bragg's ACV.

Mahalo (thank you)

Bill S.

Hi Bill,

A cannabis detox is not one of my areas of specific knowledge, but I'll share my opinion and suggestions as you've requested.

If I were going to attempt a detox using Bragg's ACV only, I would take it as follows...

1 Tablespoon of ACV in 8-12 ounces of water 3x per day.

That would be the maximum amount of ACV I would recommend for internal use on a daily basis. I would also suggest that you start with 1 tsp. at a time and work your way up to 1 Tbsp.

As for the type of water, distilled would be fine, but I don't know that it will be any "better" than spring water or good filtered water for your purposes. In fact, if all you have is tap water, you will still get beneficial results.

Obviously, I'm not saying that all water is "good" or "healthy." In fact, you'll find recommendations throughout this site for good water purifiers from Aquasana and even better water ionizers like the Genesis Platinum Water Ionizer if you want to make an investment in your long term health.

But, for the purpose of this particular question regarding Cannabis detox, most clean water will do for a basic cleanse.

To be honest, if I were wanting to cleanse from cannabis toxins, I'd also use Herbal Fiberblend twice per day, starting with 1 tsp. 2x per day and working my way up to 1 Tbsp. 2x per day.

I think you'd find you'd get better results if you use an herbal cleanse as well as the ACV.

To your good health!

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