Can't Stop The Itching

by Jay
(Pasadena )

We can't stop the itching!

Over a month ago I started getting what seems to be insect bites on my feet and ankles and my wrists and my buttox.

I have not been able to get it to stop. In fact, it has got worse. Now my better half is having the same issue.

We have no pets and only hardwood floors in our home. We do travel extensively and think it might be bed bugs, however we have none of the normal signs of the bed bugs. The bumps do appear during the day also.

We don't know what to do or where to turn.

Hi Jay,

Have you had a doctor look at your rash/bumps to see if they could identify what the specific cause may be?

What have you tried so far to eliminate the itching and the underlying problem?

One of the easiest things to try to relieve the itching and help clear the skin is raw, organic, apple cider vinegar. You can apply straight ACV to the area or you can put a cup or two in your bath water and have a nice soak.

You can also drink the ACV (a tbsp. in a glass of water) to help detoxify your body gently and naturally.

Other natural remedies and supplements to consider for internal cleansing and healing are the following:

  • Herbal Fiberblend - helps clean out the digestive tract and eliminate internal parasites.
  • Florafood - good bacteria (probiotics) that help to boost your immune system and fight off unhealthy microbes, etc.
  • Bear Paw Garlic - natural anti-fungal that helps to cleanse the blood.
  • Garden Trio - natural whole food supplement powders that are rich in nutrition. They serve to boost the immune system and enable the body to fight off illness and build healthy new cells.

Those are my best recommendations if you want to take an aggressive approach. :)

Personally, I'd start with the organic ACV (Bragg's is a good brand), the Herbal Fiverblend, and the Florafood.

If this irritation is NOT the result of some type of external parasite (like bedbugs, etc.) in your home, but rather an internal parasite, those may be sufficient to clean out your system and get your body back in balance.

I know it makes you feel crazy when you can't stop the itching (I've been there.). I hope you and your wife are able to find relief and healing soon.

To your good health!

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Nov 28, 2011
scabies NEW
by: Anonymous

i would bet almost anything u have scabies. all those symptoms match scabies!

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