CDC Morgellons

by Joanne
(Moreno Valley, CA, USA)

Waiting for the CDC Morgellons report...

I am on year 3 and still going. I have to say I am getting better but not by leaps and bounds. I hate that I don't know what it is for sure but for now I'll go with Morgellons since it seems to fit.

Lesions on my buttocks, arms, upper back, a couple on my knees and ankles. My left hand sometimes itches which is weird.

I feel like there are bugs crawling under my skin so I pick the lesion or scab thingy off. So I bleed daily. Tissues are my friends. I use band-aids and it seems I get new ones around my band-aid.

I drink lots of water, shower 2 to 3 times a day using black tar soap and spraying myself afterwards with some woodsy smelling spray.

Loose clothing when possible and I try not to pick but am not that successful. I cry myself to sleep. I cry in the shower and often times I tell myself that one day I'll have enough nerve to take my own life. It's not a sign of weakness actually, it's a sign of strength because it's not easy to do.

I will give up at some point because its disgusting to look at let alone feel the burning pain from it all day and night.

I just wish I knew what it was from. And no I don't believe the hoopla I'm being told about the silica in the atmosphere although it could be right.

I just want my life back. That's all. It's ruining who I am, how I think, how I relate to others. No sleep except for if I take a pill. It sucks.

I have theories upon theories. Stress is one of them. Out of work, lost my dad, not speaking to my sister, my daughter
mad at me, etc.....

Or it could be allergies to my dog. She's a short haired Jack Russell but I have had her for 6 years and this itchy thing only 3.

I have read abut bird mites but I don't know. I am going to continue using what Dr. Karjoo gives me, and wait for the CDC Morgellons investigation.

We are going to have a meeting in Garden Grove soon so please make it to the meeting. The more people we get the better cuz the CDC will be there.


Dear Joanne,

Thanks so much for sharing your story. My heart hurts to hear of all that you have been enduring and especially the hopelessness that you feel at times that make you feel like ending your life.

I recently cared for my dear mother through her terminal illness and I certainly understand what it's like to just want relief from the never ending pain.

I'm glad to hear that you have found this Dr. Karjoo who is working with you and that you are making some gradual progress. That's a blessing.

I was going to encourage you to look over our Morgellons treatment suggestions for cleansing and building your immune system as well as looking into our most recent experiment with the ultrasonic pest repeller.

I honestly don't know if the electronic repeller would help with possible Morgellons or not, but it's a pretty inexpensive thing to try. (I've ordered one myself).

I'd really love to hear more about this CDC Morgellons meeting that you are expecting to occur in Garden Grove, CA. Do keep us posted on the date and location for those in the area/region who might be able to attend.

I sincerely hope that you continue to improve and that your spirits will be lifted and encouraged.


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Jun 01, 2012
I could of wrote that letter myself!
by: Anonymous

I may be wrong, but I do believe that the CDC has in fact come out with their findings, and I'll give you one guess as to what it said.
We'll never give up though, right?? (anytime soon anyway).

Also, baby oil, fish oil, any type really, Walmart has oils for your hair, etc. help tremendiously in the bath, for a couple times, anyway. They do not like oils. Dont forget to rinse, rinse and rinse again, and then shower. We've got to be the cleanest people on this earth. Let us know about the meeting results, please. I've had to come to the realization that I'll never see my daughter, two grandkids, Mom & step dad again. They're 3 states away, and I will not take a chance of passing this onto them. Thanks so much

May 31, 2012
To Joanne
by: Danielle

Sorry to hear that you're living my nightmare. I have exactly the same "bug(s)" controlling my life.

After months and months of researches,being tortured in the meanwhile, I finally narrowed the possibilities to three:
Morgellons and/or
Malassezia Yeast and/or
Demodex Mites.

The three of them have the same symptoms.

So far and having tried just about everything (even spraying myself with raid) the only thing that has given me a bit of relief is washing my hair once or twice a day with tea tree shampoo and using body lotion on my skin, adding tea tree oil to both (sometimes when very bad episode, pure tea tree oil on my skin and hair feels so very good). The lesions heal a bit better and faster with the oil.

Good luck and please keep me posted.


May 30, 2012
by: angie-coventry

Hi Joanne

Reading your email was like reading about myself.
Hang on in there as hard as it is! Look up Morgellons latest especially PRWebb discoveries and anything to do with the latest scientific reports and focus on health. I'm afraid the CDC report is fake but that will be there downfall. I really believe it is linked to GM food, which is in everything except organic food, vitamins, etc. no matter what we are told. I had lost all hope recently but things are happening and the government know it. Too many people with Morgellons now so try not to worry, its will end soon. You will have your bad days and your really bad days. On the days you feel you can do something email all the research places and chief executives at your local hospital, the human rights health act and freedom for information. Send them articles from scientists and everyone who knows its a real horrific disease. I feel better taking Beyberry A formula from The Finchley Clinic, look it up to see why.Keep confident you know your ill and its not your imagination! My fungal tests came back negative when I have systemic fungal which is plant based and not meant to be in humans so they just deny there's anything there! I keep all my evidence, photos, microscopic images, videos with moving fibres and the specimens. I will not give up until the admit GMO is killing us. My whole life has changed and I'm not the same person, but I know I'm sane (so far)! Crying everyday is part of Morgellons, but it will get better. Good Luck and God bless. I'm so sorry for you and everyone else who has got it, you're not alone. Out time will come.

Angie (coventry)x

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