Cheese, carrots and pumpkin, and moderation.

by Kym

When you say no cheese does that include cheese made from sheep and goats milk? You also don't mention carrots and pumpkin as a do or don't and they are so common in our diet.

The foods in the moderation group would probably also mean collective moderation, as in not too much of any or too many?

I'm sure you can tell there is some wishful thinking going on here.

Hi Kym,

I certainly understand the "wishful thinking" aspect, as I find myself there all the time. :)

There is a lot of debate over certain "dos and don'ts" when it comes to candida diet guidelines.

Personally, I'd say a lot depends on how bad your candida condition is. The worse your overgrowth is, the more strict you are going to have to be with your diet and nutrition in order to get it under control.

Pumpkin doesn't really have a ton of natural sugar. I'd say carrots probably have more.

Really, when it comes to cheese, goats milk cheese would be better than cheese from cow's milk. Some candida diet recommendations say you can have goat's milk cheese, ricotta, and cottage cheese.

Realistically, I suppose cheese is 'moldy' milk. :) So, you are eliminating cheese to help eliminate the mold/fungal overgrowth.

Ultimately, each person is going to react differently to different foods - some will need to be more restrictive and others can be more lenient.

You'll need to consider your own body's reactions to your diet to determine what you can tolerate at your level of candida overgrowth.

To your good health!

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