Child Can't Tell When He Poops

by Darla

Child at 9 yrs. can't tell when he has major skid marks.

9 year old boy all of a sudden has no idea that he pooped his pants. It's not a lot but enough so he should be able to feel it coming out.

It's not extremely loose and he has said he gets hard poop a lot but still has a lot of "juicy farts" for lack of a better description.

This is starting to really bother him and myself. He is also overweight and not very active.

Hi Darla,

You're right. It's not normal that a child can't tell when he poops at that age.

Part of your answer lies in your question. The fact that this young boy is overweight and not very active, in itself would cause digestive problems and poor bowel function.

I'm wondering if part of the "skid marks" problem is that he isn't wiping himself properly when he does have a bowel movement. I know that is an issue at times with the kids I deal with.

It may be a good idea to get a package of wipes to leave in the bathroom for him to use as a final wipe after pooping.

If the problem is simply wet gas or "juicy farts" as you put it, :) then working on improving his digestion should eliminate the situation.

Obviously the child needs a better diet and more exercise. He also needs to drink more water. But there are some supplements that can be a big help to him in getting his digestive system working better.

  1. Digestive Enzymes - Children don't
    often need digestive enzymes if they are eating a healthy diet. But, if they have food allergies or don't eat properly, their body can have a hard time digesting their food and absorbing the nutrients properly.

    Digestive enzymes, although not specifically FOR the purpose of weight loss, DO often help people to get control of their weight because it enables the body to digest the food more efficiently.

    You can get a good digestive enzyme supplement called Prepzymes here.

  2. Florafood - Probiotics are the natural good bacteria that live in your gut. When your probiotics are low, you have bowel problems and eventually a wide range of other problems because of a weakened immune system.

    Adding some probiotics, like Florafood, to his daily routine can certainly aid in his proper digestion.

  3. Herbal Fiberblend - If his hard poop is genuinely hard (not just a little firm) and he has trouble with constipation and/or diarrhea, a good fiber and herb cleanse like Herbal Fiberblend will give his digestive tract a nice gentle cleansing that should clear up the symptoms in no time.

Those are some options for you to consider. You can try any or all 3 of those supplements as they work more effectively when you tackle all three problems at once.

However, the most important thing he needs is to eat a healthier diet and get out and move more. Try to find some outdoor activity that he enjoys, work or play, and get him active. He'll be all the better for it, not just his bowels. :)

To your good health!

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