Cleansing Of The Colon

by Ginger
(Indiana )

How Does Cleansing Of The Colon Work?

How Does Cleansing Of The Colon Work?

If you have a parasite in your tissues, how does cleansing of the colon rid you of a parasite in the muscles, joints or somewhere else in the body?

Thanks for your help,

Hi Ginger,

You've asked a good question about how cleansing of the colon effects the rest of the body. I think it's a concept that a lot of people struggle with based on the difficulty I face in getting people to take the important step to use an internal herbal cleanse. ;)

When you use a good quality colon cleanse, like Herbal Fiberblend, yes, you will clean out your colon and digestive tract, but you do so much more.

Although your body is made up of multitudes of individual parts, it's really one whole entity, and as such the entire body is effected, positively or negatively, by what you ingest.

In addition to the fiber that helps move waste material out of the digestive tract so that your body is not absorbing toxins from old fecal matter laying in your colon, there are also 17 different herbs in the Herbal Fiberblend.

The various properties of the herbs, whether anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, nutritional, healing, etc., are all being absorbed into the blood stream through proper digestion and sent throughout the body wherever needed.

Think about it this way. How does eating carrots help your eyes or eating bananas relieve leg cramps, etc? Would it be better to poke the carrots in your eyes, or smear the bananas on your legs? :)

Of course, that sounds silly, but I'm trying to help you and other readers make the connection of how the body is designed in such a magnificent way that if you give it the right tools (food/nutrients), it will process and use those tools to achieve and maintain good health.

If that
means getting rid of parasites in tissues, muscles, joints, etc., it will do so if it has the right cleansing tools at it's disposal.

Keep in mind that sometimes what feels like one thing is actually something else.

For example, a skin rash could be the result of something external that you've rubbed up against or were bitten by. On the other hand, it could be the result of something internal like something you ate, internal parasites, or even too many toxins in your organs that your body can't process fast enough so it sends to the skin for elimination.

This same holds true for joint pain, headaches, fatigue, and a whole host of other ailments and even diseases. Their root causes may be vary, but the solution is almost always the same - cleanse and build!

I've said it so many times, and I know I'll be saying it for years to come...

"We all need to cleanse the rubbish out of our systems regularly and build up our immune system by giving it loads of good nutrition and nutritional supplements."

My favorite basic combo to do just that is...

  • Herbal Fiberblend
  • BarleyLife
  • AIMega conjunction with a healthy diet, of course. Some people (like my hubby) refuse to eat a healthy diet, so these daily essentials are all the more important to achieving and maintaining good health.

Have I answered your question about how cleansing of the colon can eliminate problems (even parasites) that are affecting all different parts of the body? I hope so. Please feel free to ask further questions if needed.

It is truly my desire to help every one of my readers to improve their health naturally with the goodness that God has given us in food and get the marvelous creation of our bodies working as efficiently as possible.

Angie from

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