A Colon Care Formula
For Maintaining A Healthy Colon

colon care formula

A proper colon care formula will provide you with a basic understanding of the importance of colon health.

It will also give you a realistic program that you can follow to achieve and maintain a healthy colon.

The Elimination

One of the most important and least understood of our bodily processes is elimination. The skin is the largest organ of waste removal. If the skin does not eliminate properly, it puts stress on the lungs, bowels and kidneys.

Further, if any of the waste eliminators fail to do the work they were designed to do, then each of the other organs has to bear the load and will be under additional stress. That's what makes a good colon care formula so important.

The body eliminates:

  1. When you have eaten, assimilated and obtained energy from your food, there is a resulting by-product. This is waste or faecal matter, and it should be removed from the body within 16 to 24 hours after eating.

  2. If this waste is not removed within 24 hours, toxic build-up begins.

  3. Once the toxic build-up occurs, you have an invitation for parasite infestation. Because there are parasites in most water, raw foods and under-cooked meats, our food should be promptly processed and excreted before parasites have an opportunity to multiply.

A regular bowel motion is vitally important to you and every member of your family. Proper bowel elimination is considered to be once after each full meal with each movement requiring no more than 16 to 24 hours of transit time.

“Most People who eat the standard American ‘goo and glue’ diet have about 5-10 pounds of matter stored in the colon.” 
– USA Today, 11th January 1999

What Is Transit Time?

Transit time is the time from ingestion to excretion. This should be 24 to 36 hours; many North Americans have transit times of 50 to 70 hours, or longer!

colon care formula

This is important, as the longer faecal matter stays in the digestive system, the greater your risk of developing health problems.

An editorial in the British medical journal the Lancet notes that, 
"Many diseases and conditions are improved when transit time through the gastrointestinal tract is decreased." (1990. 336:8721)

The incubation period for most parasites is 36 hours, so you should expect parasite infestations if you have poor elimination.

Amazingly, the AVERAGE bowel transit time is 96 HOURS!!! (4 Days) 

According to Phillip day, health reporter and writer,
“Many have up to eight full meals in them at any one time.”

There are a number of things we can do in our quest for proper elimination and a healthy colon. What is a good colon care formula? We can achieve good bowel habits by making a few changes to our lifestyle:

  1. Eat the right food - add raw food to your diet, organic if possible.

  2. Drink plenty of good water.

  3. Exercise regularly – gentle walking is best.

  4. Add a blend of herbal dietary fiber to your daily routine.
    I use what I believe to be the best product on the market today, Herbal Fiberblend.

  5. Replenish your body with nutritious supplements - Things like green barley powder, which is full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, as well as fruit and vegetable juices are ideal.

“Of all the polite topics of conversation, the state of one’s intestines is probably at the bottom of most people’s lists. Let’s face it: Irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, gas, diverticulitis and colon cancer are simply not things we like to discuss. And yet, as the old expression goes, death begins in the colon. Don’t believe it? Ask any coroner. Autopsies often reveal colons that are plugged up to 80 percent with waste material.” – Vegetarian Times, March 1998

Don't make the mistake of thinking that because you are not seriously ill, that you don't have to worry about maintaining a healthy colon. Wisdom dictates that you adopt a colon care formula now, and avoid developing colon problems down the road. You may even be surprised at the additional energy you will experience.

To your good health!

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