Common Cold Remedy

common cold remedy

When asked for a common cold remedy, there are several that immediately come to mind. 

The old saying, "There's no cure for the common cold," is somewhat true, but not altogether.

Although there may not officially be a cure for the common cold, there are ways to get the virus causing the cold out of your system more quickly and soothe your symptoms in the process.

Science explains that common colds occur due to the presence of viruses that enter your upper respiratory system. 

Although the presence of viruses should be addressed, you can also attend to the signs and symptoms of colds, providing you with much needed relief. 

First, when dealing with a virus, the best cold medicine, in my opinion is natural herbs. There are anti-parasitic and anti-fungal herbs that can help to eliminate bacteria and parasites quite quickly.

At the first sign of any cold or flu symptoms I immediately begin taking Herbal Fiberblend. Using HFB twice per day, generally knocks them out of my system very quickly. 

Secondly, consider a variety of simple home remedies for colds and flu that will lessen your symptoms and discomfort if you've already got a good dose of the virus in your system.

Best cold medicine therapies come from all different places - doctors, mom, old wives tales, and, of course, cold medicine manufacturers! 

Here is a common cold remedy list that I consider worth implementing when fighting off a cold or the flu: 

  • Using a neti pot is a good way to clean out your sinus passages. It is very simple and very effective. It will also provide moisture and soothe a dry, sore nose. The concept of the neti pot has been around for a very long time, but it is becoming a common cold remedy in the western world. 

  • Blow your nose as often as possible and in the correct way. Just gently blow your nostrils one at a time and avoid sniffing it back so that the mucus will not go back up your nose and accumulate.

  • Try to take a break and rest well. Your body does a lot more healing when it is getting good sleep. Your antibodies will do their job of fighting the foreign body that has entered your system. Even just lying on a sofa under a warm blanket and having a nap will help.

  • Gargling with salt water can greatly aid in moistening your throat, killing bacteria, and soothing a sore throat. Simply mix 1 tsp. of salt in warm water and gargle about four times per day.

  • Hot beverages are a must for me as a common cold remedy! I love to drink hot tea when I am feeling a little unwell. (To be honest, I love tea when I'm feeling good, too!) Hot drinks soothe your inflamed membranes, relieves congestion and serve to rehydrate you.

    Chamomile and ginger tea are both soothing to the stomach, while chamomile tea can also act as a sleep aid. 

    Even if you are not a big tea fan, try putting a tablespoon of raw honey and fresh lemon juice in hot water to create a "hot toddy" that will provide a soothing effective to your throat and other healing benefits.

  • A steamy shower or soaking in a hot bath can help open your nasal passages, provide moisture for dryness and help soothe and relax you so you can sleep better.

  • Apply a salve under your nose to relieve you from congestion. Vicks Vapo Rub was always popular in our house when we were growing up. My mom would rub some under our nose as well as coat our neck and chest with a layer before she tucked us snugly into bed when were ill. (I love those memories!)

  • Either a hot or cold pack can bring relief to your congested sinuses. You can use a bag of frozen peas as your cold pack or a towel that is being warmed for about 55 seconds in a microwave as your warm pack. Of course you may find it more convenient to purchase hot or cold packs specifically designed for the purpose.

  • Extra pillows under your head can do well when you need drainage for the secretions. You want to lie slightly elevated at the head if you are having difficulty with sinus drainage and breathing.

  • Avoid flying in airplanes if possible when suffering from a head cold because pressure can be a factor in worsening your nasal congestion. If you absolutely must fly, consider having a nasal decongestant or a nasal spray with you. In addition, chew bubble gum and swallow often to lessen your ear pressure.

A common cold remedy that is natural and safe will give you a measure of relaxation and relief without compromising your health further.

With many medicines, you have to deal with a number of side effects. You may feel like it's worth it, but if I can avoid them, I do. 

Most of the common cold remedies in our best cold medicine list above are cheap, convenient, and pretty effective. 

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