Common Cold Treatment

common cold treatment

Common cold treatment options using natural remedies have been used and passed on for generations and are still proven to be effective in our time. 

These natural cold treatments harness the power of herbs, vitamins, and minerals as they help ease the effects of the common cold symptoms and in some cases even help to avoid catching a cold in the first place. 

The common cold is caused by one of numerous viruses and can be transmitted from one infected person to another quite easily. Because of this, it is vital that when you are sick, you do your best to avoid passing the cold germs on to someone else. 

For the common cold, the areas of the body usually affected are the nose and throat.

The incubation period for the typical common cold is two to five days but symptoms can be felt within just the first 10 hours upon the entry of the virus into your nose.

Since different viruses cause the common cold, this means that there are also different time lines for these viruses, hence the wide range of the cold incubation period. 

Rhino-viruses, corona viruses, and many others add up to almost 200 different viruses that cause the common cold. Research states that only 75% of those who become infected with the rhinovirus actually develop cold symptoms. The reason behind this is because of the strength of each individual's immune system. The stronger your immune system is, the less likely that you will develop a full-blown cold. 

Natural common cold treatments are one safe way to go when you want to ease your cold symptoms. For your cough and sore throat, herbal tea is a great recommendation. I even like to use honey and lemon (with or without the tea) as it is very soothing.

Herbal teas like peppermint tea, ginger tea, and caraway tea have great soothing effects on the throat and help you in unclogging your sinuses. 

Wild cherry bark is usually in the form of syrup but it is also available in tea form. Wild cherry bark is used for cough and sore throat. The fruit of the wild cherry however, is rich in Vitamin C and is great in boosting your immune system. 

The Garden Trio are whole food supplement powders and also serve as great immune boosters. They are one of my favorite ways to keep my immune system strong and ward off colds.

Chicken broth or chicken soup with garlic is another favorite choice for treating colds and flu. I LOVE my mom's homemade chicken soup (whether I am ill or not!). Good soup can help reduce your fever and warm your stomach.

Garlic has great properties for clearing colds. If you don't want to eat garlic, try taking Bear Paw Garlic capsules. They are exceptional and don't leave you burping up garlic.

Using herbal medications or remedies for common cold treatment is a 100% natural way to fight its symptoms and to boost your immune system. If I get a cold or the flu (or around people who have it), I immediately start taking Herbal Fiberblend. The herbs help to flush the virus out of your body much more quickly.

There are a number of natural common cold treatments that are pretty effective. We all try and choose the ones that work best for us. Here's a selection of some of the best for you to choose from to help keep you and your family healthy without the risk of nasty side effects from pharmaceutical treatments. Natural remedies are the best and safest way to get and stay healthy.

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