Constant Nausea

by Susan Lopp
(Lawrenceburg, TN 38464)

I have been experiencing constant nausea now for months.

I have gone to a doctor and had all my organs checked out and everything comes back ok. There is something wrong with me because I experience nausea 24/7 and don't know what is causing it.

Do I have a parasite that may be causing me to be sick.

Please respond as soon as possible.

Hi Susan,

I'm sorry to hear you have been feeling so sick for so long with the constant nausea. I assume you have ruled out pregnancy?

I expect the doctors would have checked on that first before giving you other tests.

Yes, it is very possible that you have a parasitic infection of some sort. Even if that isn't the source of the problem, there are three things I would recommend for you to try.

First of all, you need to cleanse your digestive system with a good herbal cleanse. Get 3 pots of Herbal Fiberblend and start taking it twice per day.

Start out with 1 tsp. morning and evening and gradually work your way up to 2 tsp. then 1 Tbsp. over the course of 2-3 weeks. Continue for 3 months and then gradually work your way back down again. That will take you through the 3 pots.

This herb and fiber formula will help to flush out parasites, bacteria, and toxins your system and give you the best chance of returning to good health.

The other recommendations I would make are Prepzymes and Florafood. The Prepzymes are digestive enzymes that can help settle your stomach by enabling your body to break down your food more easily.

The Florafood is a combination of 3 probiotics which are friendly bacteria that help fight off bad bacteria and keep your body healthy.

If I had to pick only 2 of the above, I'd say definitely the Herbal Fiberblend and Florafood. You'll get the most benefit from them. The Prepzymes is optional, but very helpful, too.

Don't take the Florafood at the same time you take the Herbal Fiberblend. You need to leave at least an hour between them.

I hope you will take the step of ordering these products and start improving your condition as soon as possible. I genuinely believe they will help you get rid of the constant nausea, and they certainly will NOT hurt you.

Let me know if you have further questions, and please let me know how you progress.

To your good health!

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