Constant Worm Infestation

by Angel
(houston, Texas ,usa)

Seems as though my daughter has a constant worm infestation and is constantly having to take something for worms!!!

When they're present, her inner ears itch really bad, and anal itching occurs!! I can't seem to get rid of them. Please help!

Hi Angel,

First of all, what are you giving your daughter in order to get rid of the worms?

I would suggest that you try Herbal Fiberblend and give her some twice a day for several weeks. If you tell me her age and weight, I can give you a better idea of the amount you should use for her.

It's also important to increase her probiotic intake (good bacteria like acidophilus, etc.). Eating natural yogurt can help (the kind without sugar added), or you can get probiotics in capsule form like Florafood.

Part of her problem may not be worms, but too much sugar in her diet. Too much sugar causes similar symptoms like the anal itch, etc.

If she does eat a lot of sugar or processed foods, try to cut back on that and increase the amount of water she is drinking.

If it's worms, be sure to wash her bedding regularly, and make sure she washes her hands well (even under her nails), especially if you catch her scratching her bottom.

Do you have a pet that has worms or perhaps someone else's pet that she comes in contact with regularly? That's a possibility of where she may be getting them.

Of course, they can easily be passed at places like day care centers, or similar locations where children are sharing the same toys, etc.

I hope this gives you some assistance. Please let me know if you have further questions.

Kind regards,

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