Constipation and Acid Problems

by Rakesh

I have been having acid problems since a year or so ago. About 6 months back, I underwent an endoscopy test and that revealed helicobacter pylori and my Doc advised me to take antibiotics for 2 weeks and said I don't need any more medicines as that is all it requires.

However, he prescribed predisolone tablets for treating the acid problem for some time. Now I am still using that tablet twice or thrice a week if required. My heartburn is also controlled.

I also have had the complaint of not feeling done, in fact, I passed lesser stools than I usually used to do say a year back. I used psyllium powder with water for some days and that probably helped somewhat and I somehow forgot about the problem.
Perhaps I was doing fine, passing to satisfaction.

About 4 months back I also got my abdomen checked by an ultrasound test. That also was normal. I must mention I am 41 yrs. old now. Now since last 1 week I am again finding it very difficult to evacuate my intestines as I find I can not generate enough pressure to pass stools to satisfaction.

In the morning after getting up from bed I do develop a little pressure and I pass off the stools in one go only but the quantity is not enough. After doing the first pass, it stops developing more pressure. As if I feel the valve at the other end is shutoff. I feel I do have more of it in the intestine but it does not come out even if I try.

I am quite disturbed as I am afraid all is not well with me. I need more advice.

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You May Be Low On Acid
by: Angie

Hi Rakesh,

Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I was away for a while and just got back.

It is good to hear that you were able to get rid of the helicobacter pylori. I assume you've been re-tested since taking the antibiotics and that the virus is gone?

As strange as it may seem, people who suffer from acid problems often produce too little acid in their stomach rather than too much. Then they take acid reducing medications that are not designed to correct the problem but rather mask it.

It is my understanding that when the stomach does not produce enough acid, the bottom opening of the stomach refuses to open properly to eliminate the digesting food. This causes the gas to be forced back up into the esophagus causing the heartburn.

You may want to try taking a teaspoon or so of organic apple cider vinegar in water just before meals and see if that doesn't eliminate your heartburn. If that simple remedy doesn't do the trick, consider natural digestive enzymes like PrepZymes. Things like pineapple bromelain and/or papaya tablets can be helpful, too.

I always try to avoid taking medicines over the long term whenever possible. There are usually nasty side effects involved with most pharmaceutical drugs. If you can correct the problem naturally it is much better for you.

To your good health,

Constipation Help
by: Angie

Regarding your troubles with constipation...

You were on the right track with the psyllium powder. Good psyllium powders contain both soluble and insoluble fibers. Your body needs a good amount of fiber in order to eliminate waste properly.

If you have been having trouble over a long period of time, it is possible that the muscle that helps the intestines contract (peristalsis) and push along the waste is weakened and needs to be strengthened.

This may be why you are feeling that you aren't getting the pressure you need to eliminate fully.

My number one recommendation for those suffering from constipation is always Herbal Fiberblend. It is psyllium powder, but it also contains more than a dozen different herbs that help heal the intestines, improve the muscle contractions, eliminate bacteria and parasites, and generally cleanse the colon.

Unfortunately, AIM does not currently ship directly to India. If you know someone in the US, Canada, the UK, South Africa, or Australia that can order it for you and send it on to your address that would be your best option.

If that isn't possible, but you are really interested in giving it a try, let me know. I could order it for you and send it on if we can organize some method of payment (like Paypal) that would suit us both.

I use Herbal Fiberblend myself and know many people personally who have used it with wonderful results. If it all possible, I suggest you join our ranks.

Meanwhile, try to eat more fiber in your diet. Drink more water. If you can get purchase ground flaxseed locally, that will also be of some help to you.

Please keep me posted on how you progress.
To your good health,

Thanks Angie-reg. Acidity, Incomplete evacuation
by: Rakesh

Dear Angie,
Many thanks for your thoughtful advice and concern. I possibly missed one thing to say that my stools are not hard. Is this not intriguing? if I am not evacuating completely why are not the stools hard. They are rather soft, and not at all bulky. I feel sort of light pain in my lower back possibly due to incomplete evacuation.
Do you feel there is nothing to worry about?

I have noted your recommendations regarding psyllium powder, enough water, papaya tablet, etc. and shall try these.

Could It Be A Kidney Infection?
by: Angie

Hi Rakesh,

It is interesting that your stool is soft and easy to pass and yet you still feel like you have not completely emptied your bowels.

Remember this, I am not a medical doctor. I can only make suggestions based on my own personal research and the experiences of others I have met or read about.

You mentioned that you are having slight pain in your lower back. Have you considered that you may have a mild kidney infection? My husband had a kidney infection on two occasions over the years. His lower back gave him a great deal of pain.

He drank more water and on one occasion took antibiotics and it eventually passed.

I don't know if that is the cause of your pain or if perhaps you have some obstruction in your bowel that is giving you difficulties.

I know you recently took antibiotics, so I hesitate to recommend that you take more. That can cause you a whole new set of problems, particularly candida.

If you are able to get the psyllium powder and drink more water you may just want to give it a few weeks and see if you improve.

You sound like you are fairly aware of your own body's normal state. If you feel that something is indeed wrong, I hesitate to convince you otherwise.

I will say that it is my opinion that if we give our body what it needs (nutrition, vitamin, herbs, minerals, etc.), it is designed by God to heal itself in the vast majority of cases.

I don't know what types of supplements are available to you there in India. If you can get a good quality probiotic similar to the Florafood that I recommend here on the site, that will help boost your immune system, especially since you took the antibiotics.

Freshly juiced vegetables are highly nutritious. I use the Garden Trio for ease and convenience, but if you can get something similar there or even juice up organic vegetables, that would be great for your cells.

Sorry I can't be of more help. I do hope you find some relief and healing soon.


Incomplete evacuation, acidity, etc
by: Rakesh

Dear Angie,
i wanted to inform you that i underwent two tests on the advice of a reputed GI Doctor in India. These are Colonoscopy and upper GI Endoscopy. These are said to be the best tests to find out any type of seriousness inside. i must tell you that i was afraid of undergoing colonoscopy lest there was anything serious inside. But with the grace of God and your good wishes both these tests tell m that there is nothing to worry. Only few hemmoroids and that too is not severe. i am a relieved man. Doc told me its simple IBS and wil be ok in a few weeks. i than you and all other members in here for their time in reading and giving comments. i actually feel better now. i am on few tablets now like Normaxin (Clidinium bromide 2.5mg,Chlordiazepoxide 5mg, Dicyclomine hydrochloride 10mg) and Razo 20 mg (Rabeprazole 20 mg) and continue with Psyllium powder. Thats all.
Thanks and best wishes.

Praise the Lord for the good news!
by: Angie

Hi Rakesh,

Thanks so much for letting us know how you are doing! I'm not a big fan of those tests, but I'm glad that you have gotten some peace of mind as a result.

I hope you won't have to stay on the medications indefinitely. Even though you have the hemorrhoids and IBS, you should be able to find complete relief and healing so that you won't have to stay on the meds long term.

Do they have Salba seeds in India? If so, I recommend that you get yourself some and sprinkle a teaspoon or so on your food each day. It will give you a good dose of good Omega oils that will aid you in bowel recovery.

If they don't have it, try to get some other form of good Omega 3, 6, and 9 oil supplements. I think you'll find that quite helpful.

Thanks again for the update.

by: Anonymous

dear all, my comments is most of the this type of problum coming from stress this type of people
shuld do relaxation technic or go to psycologist second thik take more time to eat with paece of mind liqudise food when chawing

gas, consti, stomach problems etc
by: subbu

I had similar problems for 8-9 years. recently my problem increased. could not sleep at night for days, dizziness, BP 125/100 etc. not full clearance in the morning. morning sickness, nausea etc. multi problems. did endoscopy. not much problem found except some inflammation of stomach. one collegue advised to take ULSET (AN AVURVEDIC LIQUID MEDICINE BY SHANKAR PHARMACY) 3 TIMES DAILY AFTER FOOD. GOT IMMEDIATE RELIEF WITHIN 2-3 DAYS.Excellent medicine i should say. BUT SHOULD CONTINUE FOR 3 MONTHS at least. CHECK OUT THEIR WEB SITE tel 0484-2540399, kochi kerala, India. they claim ULSET CAN cure any stomach disease other than cancer.
I am also taking Razo20 & Normaxin. I am also doing Transcendental Meditation of Maharshi Mahesh Yogi Technique to keep out the stress of nerves. This is also extrememly good AND CAN REDUCE BP, ANXIETY, INSOMANIA AND MANY HEALTH PROBLEMS AND INCREASES CONCENTRATION. It is very simple to do also. But it should be learned only from a proper Guru. check out the internet for the TM teacher in your city.

Effective Herbal Treatment for IBS
by: Kunwar Singh

Dear Mr Rakesh,

While surfing the Internet, I happened to find your post and read the entire page thoroughly. I have come to understand that you have tried every possible treatment suggested either by your doctors or advises received against your post but so far you haven’t found a permanent cure for your present state of sufferings. Also, prolonged intake of chemical based modern medicines has creating side effects in your body and it will keep happening so long you are depended on them.

I feel it pertinent to mention that you have already shifted to IBS and there is no known cure this critical illness by modern medicines. You need to understand that in IBS conditions, the cells of the entire digestive system become weak and sluggish like the bottom portion of a used automobile rubber tyre and the doctors treating your present health condition with modern medicines do not have knowledge about the safe medicines that can help to regenerate those weak, faded and sluggish cells so that the digestive system should start functioning in perfect manner again and thus help the person to get rid of the difficulties of IBS completely.

It you trust my words, you can write to me giving your age, location, profession, dietary habits, duration of illness and contact number for a permanent solution of your sufferings with the help of safe and effective herbal treatment.

Take care and remain blessed with good health!

Best regards,
Kunwar Singh

Email ID -
Mobile - 09322366990

Heart burn
by: Saravana selvan

I taken endoscopy few months back. As per doctor's advice I taken the tablet Razo 20 mg thrice in a week. while I have taken this tablet, I have no problem of Heart burn.
If I stop taking the above tablet, the heart burn is repeatedly coming. Now I am taking continuously the tablet Razo. Please suggest when it will the heartburn problem will reduce? Can I take the Razo tablet continuously? I need your kindly advice.

by: Angie

Dear Saravana,

The Razo tablet that you are taking prevents your stomach from producing stomach acid. This is a hugely popular drug in recent years that people have been given for heartburn or acid indigestion.

I know that in most cases these acid reducing drugs do help the symptoms go away, they don't really prevent the problem that is causing the heartburn in the first place.

Most people produce LESS acid than they need not MORE acid than they need. As strange as it may sound, producing not enough acid can give you the heartburn. This is a condition called hypochlorhydria.

If that is the case, taking a pill that keeps you from producing acid is NOT a good long term solution.

If you can't get your doctor to test your stomach acid levels, you can try a little home experiment that might help you out.

Get some raw (unfiltered) apple cider vinegar and put a tablespoon in a glass of water. When you start to experience heartburn, drink the glass of ACV and water.

If that relieves your heartburn, then it is pretty likely that your acid problems are due to LOW acid rather than HIGH acid levels.

There are various options you can follow if you discover that LOW acid is your problem.

1. You can simply drink a glass of water with a little apple cider vinegar before or with each meal. (Freshly squeezed lemon juice in water usually has the same effect.)

2. You can try taking digestive enzymes.

3. You can supplement the stomach acid by taking hydrochloric acid and pepsin.

Here's a quote by one well known natural health doctor, Jonathan Wright...

"The amount of hydrochloric acid that's usually effective for adults is at least 40 to 70 grains of betaine hydrochloride (or glutamic-acid hydrochloride) with pepsin per meal. That's about four to seven 10-grain capsules per meal.

To minimize even minor side effects, I always start with just one capsule (5, 7.5, or 10 grains) taken just before meals. After two or three days, if there are no problems, I suggest increasing the dosage to two capsules before meals for another two or three days and then to three capsules. The dose is gradually increased in this fashion until the recommended amount is reached. "

I hope that is of some help to you in sorting out your acid problems so that you don't have to take the Razo forever and you don't have to suffer with heartburn either.

stomach sickness
by: shine

last week i went to a coastal region.I tried sea food and was not able to digest it.I had vommitings.I evn had vodka for 3 days.This was my first time with drinks.Since then m having pain and burning sensation my stomach.My doctor prescribed me an antacid syrup,normaxin and pantocid-D. after takin these medicines,m a bit relieved from pain,but there is a bit of fatigue and headache.Are these the side effects of medicines or somthing else??

Possible Food Poisoning
by: Angie

Dear Shine,

It may be that your seafood was "off" and so you ended up with a stomach "bug" or what is often called "food poisoning." I'm sure the vodka didn't help, either. :)

It doesn't sound like you were prescribed the right type of medicine, but I'm glad it has helped you some.

I would suggest that you get some probiotics, which are the good bacteria that lives in your digestive tract. I'm wondering if perhaps you are in India because of the prescriptions you were given.

If so, you may not be able to get Florafood, but look for a probiotic combination that has acidophilus and maybe a couple of other probiotics like B. bifidum and B. longum.

I would also suggest that you get some organic (unfiltered) apple cider vinegar if you can find some in your area and drink a spoonful in a glass of water before or with your meals. This should help with the pain in your stomach and the acid balance, too.

Yes, some of your continuing symptoms may be side effects of the medication, but it could also be the after effects of your weak immune system.

If you can take some fiber and cleansing herbs, you'd probably be better off than continuing with those medications.

by: Ramesh

During April, 2011, I had some problem in my stomach like dehydration. I rushed to a nearby hospital and was under observation for 78 hours. The doctor advised to undergo CT scan. Their finding was Intestine tuberculosis and medicines were prescribed. After third day, my condition started deteriorating and 9 kg. weight was reduced within 15 days. Then I immediately rushed to Fortis Hospital, Mohali. Numerous tests were conducted such as Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, Ultrasound and tests relating to blood, every reports were normal. The doctors at Fortis Hospital prescribed Tab. Pan 40 mg. and Normaxin. I felt very much relieved after taking these tablets and also weight was increased.

Now since last 8th March, 2012, I am having the same problem. In the morning I have to go toilet 4-5 times. Lesser stools passed every time. After passing stool, I feel relaxed. I visited nearby Gastrologist, who prescribed some tablets, but no fruitful result came out. I am having gaseous problem. But for the last one week, gas is not passing properly.

I am feeling quite disturbed as my digestion system remains out of order. I need your kind advise

Gas Problem
by: Angie

Hi Ramesh,

Are you able to get some organic (unfiltered) apple cider vinegar near you? If so, you may find that drinking a teaspoon in a glass of water a couple of times per day helps.

Normally, I would suggest that you try using Herbal Fiberblend but I don't think it can be purchased there yet. Perhaps you can look at the ingredients in the HFB and look for something similar at your local health food store.

How about probiotics? These are the friendly bacteria that help to aid your digestion and keep your immune system strong. You may have heard of particular probiotics like acidophilus or bifidum, but there are many different strains.

If you can get some probiotics, that should also help to improve your digestion. I hope you feel better soon.

seeking help for incomplete evacuation feeling
by: Shilpa

I have been having problem with evacuation of my intestine every day morning. I generally have incomplete feeling which causes discomfort. my doc has diagnosed me with IBS after doing a sigmovideoscopy. I had got fissure due to IBS as I was having irregular phases of constipation and diarrhea. He has put me on medication which help to get rid of diarrhea and my urge to pass stools often. I have been having food high in fibre content fruits and vegetables and have been trying to keep my diet alkaline as suggested by my naturopathy doc but still once in 3 days I face the same prob of feeling incompleteness in evacuation which in turn has a influenced the quality of my life. Only prob is incomplete feeling...........if you could suggest me some thing on this I would really appreciate that. I was normal before and have developed this problem from past 2 yrs.............

Incomplete Evacuation Feeling
by: Angie

Hi Shilpa,

See if you can find some chia seeds (also called Salba seeds) in your area. You can sprinkle a tablespoon on your food each day and that may fix the problem for you.

Of course, you do want to be sure that you drink plenty of water. Water is always important for good bowel management.

If you can't find any chia/salba, look for a supplement that contains essential fatty acids (Omega 3,6,9) which is found in certain fish and grains. You can usually buy them in capsule form.

Another option to try is psyllium. Psyllium is a fiber that is especially helpful in regulating the bowels properly.

For those in countries where AIM is available I recommend Herbal Fiberblend and AIMega for the above needs, but if you are not able to get those, look for something similar in your area.

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