Could this be parasites?

by Linda
(Nanaimo, BC, Canada)


A girlfriend of mine follows an excellent diet and works out 5 days a week, but has some alarming symptoms. I'd love to help her get to the bottom of them so thought I would ask if the symptoms sound like they may be caused by parasites.

She has had ongoing, terrible migraines that have been worsening in nature tremendously lately. Eating tends to make her sick and she has been put on full spectrum digestive enzymes for it though they don't really seem to have helped yet (it's been just over 1 month). She also has an ongoing, long term issue with constipation.

The most curious problem, though, is that 4 of the last 7 times she has gone to Mexico or Fiji for a vacation, she quickly gets very sick; this time it was diagnosed as colitis ... and it was very, very bad. She spent much of her time in doctor offices and the rest in the washroom.

They only stay at the most elite resorts and eat first rate food, but this time most of her family got a bit sick shortly after she did, but it doesn't appear to be related.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you!

Hi Linda,

It's really nice of you to show this concern for your friend and do some research for her. I can't say for sure or "diagnose" her problem, obviously, but I can tell you what it sounds like to me based on your description.

Could this be parasites? Yes, of course. The fact that your friend suffers from constipation and that it has been a long term issue for her really indicates that she is most likely full of toxins.

When waste matter stays in the bowels, toxins are built up and affect the
entire body. Headaches and migraines are often one of the side effects of toxic overload in the body.

If her bowels are full of impacted waste matter, she probably suffers from malabsorption. No matter how good her diet is, if her body is not able to absorb the vitamins and minerals from the nutrition she is trying to feed it, she's not fully benefiting from her good eating habits.

Parasites thrive in intestines that are loaded with old fecal matter and mucus. I would not be the least bit hesitant to assume that your friend is definitely being affected by parasites as well.

Frankly, most of us have parasites in our body on a regular basis. It's just that our immune system is generally strong enough to fight them off and/or keep our body in balance and well.

If our immune system is weak or not functioning at the optimum level, that's when the parasites, fungus, bacteria, etc., begin to grow out of control and cause a range of unpleasant health problems.

Perhaps you could recommend to your friend that she give herself a really good cleanse (at least 3 months) with Herbal Fiberblend. The herbs and fiber in HFB work safely and gently to detoxify the body and help eliminate digestive disorders.

The 17 different herbs are not only anti-parasitic and anti-fungal, but they also help to remove the old encrusted fecal matter that may have built up in her intestines and allow her body to absorb the nutrients from her food, too.

I've known it to work wonders for people who suffer from chronic constipation. It's certainly worth her while to give it a try. I hope she finds this information helpful and appreciates what a great friend you are.

Kind regards,

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