Crawling Sensation On My Skin

by Debbie

Hi, I have this crawling sensation on my skin. They don't bite as such and don't itch but I usually just scratch a little to get rid of the crawling sensation.

I have just come back from Vietnam and when I was over there I got a rash on my back during the night which I believe were bed bugs but I am not sure as I didn't see anything and it seemed to happen after that - not sure if it's a coincidence.

They feel like they are crawling on my legs and my torso and even in my hair. I thought it might be just a sensation from the bed bugs but it's been 3+ weeks now and it's still happening.

I can't see anything but on my clothes and sometimes on my skin there are silver specks which I don't know if it's associated with it.

Could this be a fungi or parasite infection?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Debbie,

The symptom of a "crawling sensation on my skin" is certainly quite common in cases of intestinal parasites, etc.

Whether or not the rash you had on your back while in Vietnam is related or not, is really hard to say. It's quite possible that you were exposed to more than one type of parasite on your trip.

We are all exposed to various parasites on a daily basis. Our bodies may build up a tolerance and resistance to the common "germs" we encounter daily otherwise we would all be sick continuously. :-)

However, if our immune system is compromised or we are exposed to an unusual or different parasite, it can be enough to tip that fine balance that keeps us well.

I would suggest a simple digestive cleanse using Herbal Fiberblend. You should start with 1 tsp. of HFB in the morning and evening and gradually increase to 2 tsp. and then 1 tbsp. morning and evening over a 2 week period.

For a full and thorough digestive cleanse, continue at that amount for about 3 months. It's a practice that I've found quite helpful every year or so.

I would also suggest that you take some probiotics daily, like Florafood to increase the amount of good bacteria in your system. This will make you "feel better faster."

I see you are in Australia. Both of those supplements are available in Australia here at the wholesale prices.

Please let me know how you get on and feel free to ask further questions if needed. I'll do my best to help.

To your good health!

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Jun 09, 2013
Crawling feeling, stinging, and rash NEW
by: steve

For about 16-17 months I have been fighting an insect/parasite infestation, my dogs are suffering along with me, it all started when I moved into an apartment and about the third day I began to feel little stings on top of my feet while in the new apartment, I informed the manager and they did absolutely Nothing! I just discovered that when I am feeling sting like bites that gradually moves up until I am totally engulfed to the top of my head and down to my feet, that there are silver like spec's on my body and I believe these spec's are the culprit, some type of mite, I know that taking extremely hot showers rids myself of these things and the stinging/biting, but I can not use that hot of water on my dogs, I have been tested and treated for scabies which is standard protocol, I had a biopsy done and confirmed that in fact they were insect bites, can anyone tell me what mite is silver in color and bites humans and dogs alike, I went to the veterinarian and they say that there are many micro mites that can bite humans and pets, but everything that I am reading is saying that there are only a couple.

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