Detox Patches Scam?

by Chandra

Are detox patches scam products?

I tried the Kinoki patches on both my feet and followed all the directions, but nothing happened!

What happened there?

Hi Chandra,

Thank you for your note regarding your experience with the Kinoki patches. I'm always interested in hearing the results people receive from natural health remedies.

It seems like everyone's experiences are different, which is often confusing. It can lead us to believe that a particular remedy is a scam. Sometimes that may very well be true!

You said that you followed the directions, etc. How many days did you use the patches?

Were you having a particular health problem that you were hoping they would relieve?

I used the Verseo patches, but I didn't really have any health issues that needed improvement. I just wanted to try them out and remove possible toxic metals that may have built up in my system.

As a result, I didn't notice any drastic changes either, so I can't give a glowing personal testimonial.

It may be that whatever is causing you discomfort, may not be the result of toxic metals, but some other cause. On the other hand, some detox patches scam customers because they are not of high quality. You have to decide which is true in your case.

If you'd like to tell me more about your situation, I'd be happy to give you my best recommendations.

You do need to be aware that there are many different problems that can cause the same symptoms, so you may not pinpoint your particular problem on your first attempt.

The good thing about using natural remedies is that you won't be harming your body in the process, since they usually don't have any negative side effects.

Your body will still be better off from the various attempts at locating the source of your health concerns since you are providing your body the good things it needs to maintain the best possible health.

To your good health!

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