Dialysis and Systemic Yeast Infection

by Ralynne
(San Diego, CA USA)


I am a hemodialysis patient who had blood cultures taken which revealed yeast. I am wondering if I can control this infection naturally and safely with diet and cleansing.

I was put on dialysis because I had chemotherapy and the chemotherapy damaged my kidneys.

I really would like to treat this without using drugs, but is it safe?


Hi Ralynne,

I know that yeast infections can certainly be dealt with safely with natural cleansing and dietary changes.

I don't know how the specifics of your condition would affect whether or not you could use these natural supplements.

My suggestions would be Herbal Fiberblend, Florafood, AIMega, and the Garden Trio.

Some of those are cleansing and some are immune building. The fact that you had chemo treatments would probably indicate that your immune system has been severely compromised. The more quality nutrition you can get, the better.

I hope those suggestions will be helpful to you in not only dealing with the yeast, but also boosting your immune system and improving your overall health.

To your good health!

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