Do I have Intestinal Parasites?

by IBS Sufferer

Can you tell me, do I have intestinal parasites?

I have been suffering from IBS on and off for several years and I was wondering if in fact it could be parasites.

I have abdominal cramps, gas, boating, belching and alternating bowel movements. I recently saw an unusual looking object in the stools, it was fleshy, leaf shaped and around 3 cm in length.

I also have skin problems, never had them as a child and also have anus itching occasionally. Please help.

Many Thanks.

Dear IBS Sufferer,

I can't tell you if parasites are the cause of your IBS or not, but it certainly does sound like your current symptoms are almost definitely intestinal parasites.

Every single symptom that you've described from the gas, bloating, cramping, anal itching, irregular bowels to actually seeing what sounds like part of a tapeworm in your stool, is very symptomatic of intestinal parasites.

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised that if you use Herbal Fiberblend daily for the next several months that you will not only find all of these symptoms go away, but that you may also find that your IBS is at least improved and perhaps gone.

I know that's a pretty big claim, and I'm not a doctor, nor can I give you any guarantees that it will "cure" your IBS, but I do know that the herbs and fiber blend has helped so many people with so many digestive and skin disorders that, well, as I said, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. :)

Herbal Fiberblend is such an easy solution for people to try that I can never understand when they won't do it. (Not addressing you personally, just making a general observation that so frequently frustrates me.) :)

If you can afford it, I would suggest that you invest in the Daily Essentials pack which includes the Herbal Fiberblend, AIMega, and BarleyLife.

You will not only get the cleansing benefits of the HFB, but also the healing and nutritional benefits of the whole foods and essential fatty acids. It's the best 1-2-3 combo that I know of to help improve your health.


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