Do I Have Parasites?

by Rita
(Whittier, CA. USA)

Do I have parasites?

About a week ago, Tuesday (March 2, 2010), I had a turkey lunch meat wrap w/bagged salad and cut bell peppers that I made at home, for dinner.

That night, when I went to bed, about 6 hours later, my stomach (which is usually not very active), started roiling and rumbling and basically making a racket!

Ever since then, I've had somewhat soft stools (no explosive diarrhea), my stomach is still roiling, mild nausea, mild fever (off & on), some abdominal pain, a bit of a cough and TONS of belching! Mostly gas. I don't feel very bloated. But the burping is getting old!

Could I have eaten something unclean? If so, what can I do about this?

Hi Rita,

Sorry for the delay in replying. I was traveling and did not have internet access during that time.

Are you still feeling unwell, or have your symptoms gone now?

It's possible that you had something nasty (bacteria) in your food that has triggered the unpleasant digestive problems you are experiencing.

Something simple to try is adding a tablespoon of raw organic apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink it at least once per day. That may be sufficient to fix you up.

If your symptoms persist, I would use Florafood and Herbal Fiberblend to clean out your digestive tract and replenish the good bacteria in your body that keeps everything running smoothly and comfortably.

I do a yearly cleanse with HFB (about to start my "spring clean" this year), but I also keep it on hand at all times for just such situations as you describe. It helps to get rid of intestinal "bugs" rather quickly so that I don't have to have much time off for sickness.

Hope you are feeling better now and that this info. is no longer needed, but just in case I wanted to provide my best suggestions for you.

To your good health!

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