Doberman has small bumps under the skin...

by Tom Formica
(Windsor, Colorado)

I live in Colorado and my 3 year old female doberman has small bumps under the skin on her lower back as well as a small open sore.

When this showed up about 9 months ago she seemed to start acting strange, hand shy and nervous.

The vet was unable to determine the cause after looking under the microscope at fluid from the sore.

Hi Tom,

I haven't done much research on animal parasites yet, so I doubt I'll be much help to you in this situation.

You've obviously taken your dog to the vet. Was the vet able to determine if the bumps under your dog's skin are cysts or growths of any sort? Blood blisters? Infections? Ticks?

I would assume that the vet would have ruled out the usual worms and parasites that typically plague dogs.

If the vet is unable to offer you any advice, you could try some of the common natural remedies for parasites and detoxification.

Organic apple cider vinegar (Bragg's) can be used topically on the skin. You can also put a tablespoon in the dog's water each day. ACV won't fix the problem over night, but it may do some good over several weeks. It won't hurt her at any rate.

Garlic is beneficial, but I don't know if you'll have much luck getting some garlic in her. :) If you can mix it in with something she loves (raw meat, maybe) you might stand a chance.

I won't recommend anti-parasitic herbs, but only because I don't know enough about the safe use of them with animals. You can perhaps do a bit of research yourself to see if a good cleanse like Herbal Fiberblend would be beneficial for your Doberman.

My first thought would be that it is probably okay in small doses, but I honestly don't know if dogs would have a negative reaction to any of the particular herbs in HFB.

What I DO know is that there have been many testimonials of people who have given their dogs and cats Barley Life with great results in healing and reinvigorating.

You would just put a teaspoon of the Barley Life powder in water a couple of times per day. It can also be mixed into a wet dog food.

The nutrition in Barley Life is very high as it is a whole food supplement powder and full of vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes. That's why it is so healthful for both people and animals.

Sorry I can't identify the problem specifically for you, but hopefully these ideas may be of some help.


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Mar 18, 2014
Tea Tree Oil NEW
by: Traci

I put a few drops of tea tree oil in olive oil and brushed it on and alternating with diluted with water/tea tree oil and spray it on. Have almost healed within a week and a half.

Aug 09, 2011
hi tom
by: katy

my dog also had some bumps on his skin and we couldnt figure out what it was for the longest time. Then a friend of ours suggested that he might be allergic to something in his food. so we changed his food and within a few days they appeared to be going away and within a couple weeks they were all gone. hope this helps.

Dec 05, 2010
Same problem here
by: Tony

Hi Tom,
I hope your dobbie is doing better. We have the same exact problem where our Nala (2.5 y/o female) has developed bumps mostly around top of the neck / shoulders and has also changed behavior like yours where she is suddenly shy and as if she is scared, hesitates to go to her bed area. She plays around and runs fine if we play with her or take her to trails, etc (initially we thought she had upset stomach). Did you find the cause / solution ?

Thanks and good luck

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