Doctors In London?

by Anonymous

Any good doctors in London who can help?

A few weeks ago I woke up to find tiny dark colored mites on my pillow and could feel them in my hair. My husband also had some but less.

I looked on the internet and was horrified to think it was Demodex mites.

Things got worse. I then found small white fibres and small grains like sugar in my bed in the morning.

Also I've found a largish brown mole like mark on my temple under the hairline. It has a small darker brown moles in the middle. At times I can feel it hurting.

I have seen small white fibres fall out of my hair & think they could be coming from these mole like things. I also have a return of brain fogginess I used to have.

My husband now has pain below his diaphragm and is very tired all the time - not like him. We've got rid of the mites from our head (with tea tree shampoo) but other things are going on.

Six or seven years ago we went to Asia & came back with an unknown virus. The London hospital for Tropical medicine could find nothing.

My husband had an epileptic fit on return from holiday & we both were ill with very bad brain fog and regular feeling of passing out. Other things were blocked sinuses and ears, bad headaches.

now think we both have Morgellons and feel really depressed. We are English but live in Spain and communicating with doctors is difficult. Do you know of any doctors in London who would be willing to see us re this?

Thank you for your help.

Hi Anonymous,

Unfortunately, I don't know of any London doctors at all, not being from that region, but perhaps another visitor from that area will see your post and offer some suggestions regarding doctors in London who are willing to treat Morgellons or other parasite infections.

I'm sorry to hear you and your husband are having such trouble. Until you are able to find someone who can identify your specific parasite concern, I would suggest that you and your husband do two main things -

1. A comprehensive parasite cleanse
2. As much immune system support as you can

By cleansing and building you give your body the best chance of fighting off foreign invaders, eliminating troublesome symptoms, and regaining your good health.

It sounds like you both have had a weakened immune system from your previous exposure to parasites/virus in Asia and so you were much more susceptible to this current upset.

There is a basic protocol suggested for Morgellons treatment that can at the very least support your immune system and give your body the best possible tools to fight this.

To your good health!

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Nov 26, 2013
London Doctor NEW
by: Paul


There is a doctor in London who treats morgellons. Dr Anthony Bewley in the Royal London Hospital, St Barts.

I have seen good reports on him online and he comments regularly to newspaper articles on Morgellans.

I intend to visit him. Best of luck


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