Does pH Imbalance Cause Itching?

by Memar
(Orange County)

Does pH imbalance cause itching in other places of the body? Chest and general trunk area?

Hi Memar,

I suppose pH imbalance could cause itching, but it may stem from another internal cause like toxic build up, yeast/fungal overgrowth, or allergic reaction to name a few.

Regardless, I'd suggest that you consider a natural internal cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend and some green food supplements, preferably Barley Life, for nutritional support and pH balance.

There really are so many things that can cause itching on the body, so it can be hard to pinpoint the underlying cause. Do you have any other symptoms apart from the itching?

While you are waiting for your supplements to arrive, you may want to try taking a couple of tablespoons of raw honey (particularly sourced in your area if possible) each day.

Raw honey has a lot of nutritional benefits, but it is also a natural antihistamine, so if your itching is related to any type of allergic reaction, you may get some relief from eating some daily.

Let us know if there are other symptoms you are dealing with or if you have further questions.

To your good health!

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by: memar

i was on an extended fast for 21 days from jan 10-21. during that time i drank only water and an occasional herbal tea. the itcing started half way throught the porcess; both vaginal and chest, breasts and stomach. pretty much from my neck to my navel. i have a lot of histamine. i used some monastat for 3 days and it calmed down but i still have itxhing in the neck to chest area. no other symptoms

Probable Yeast Overgrowth
by: Angie

Hi Memar,

That definitely sounds more like a yeast overgrowth. In that case I would definitely suggest the Herbal Fiberblend and some probiotics, like Florafood to replenish the friendly bacteria in your body.

If you can afford the BarleyLife as well, it would be very good for you to boost your nutritional levels, particular after such an extended fast.

Fasting is great and has its purposes, but your body needs a lot of nutrition to heal and repair when something isn't quite right.

You may also want to put some organic apple cider vinegar in your bath water (or use straight on your itchy skin if it doesn't burn to do so) to give you some relief from the itching and aid in the healing process.

Hope that helps!

Itching Every where NEW
by: Mary

Does ph being imbalanced cause your whole body to itch including my legs. It itches so bad my skin bleeds :(
What can I do?

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